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Communication Paper Week 2 Bcom 275

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Demonstrative communication is nonverbal, the use of body language, appearance, posture, facial expressions, eye contact and gestures. Non-verbal communication can be called the unspoken language and plays a significant role in our day-to-day life. The different types of communication are increasing daily by e-mails, mobile devices, and video conference. How we react to these changes will ensure effortlessness and eliminate the uncertainty in communication.
Effective listening is to recognize fallacies and understand the process. The listening process is complex but it is an important part of the communication process. Demonstrative communication can be complex, writing and speaking is ...view middle of the document...

Without communication there is no sure way of knowing that what is being communicated is understood. Listening is the processes of receiving and understanding.

Communication can be defined as the process of sending and receiving messages. Communication involves the exchange of thoughts, messages, or information, by speech, signals, writing, or behavior. Communication can be verbal or nonverbal, written or visual. Verbal communication includes oral and written communication whereas nonverbal communication includes facial expressions, body posture, eye contact, or gestures. Written communication can be done through emails, reports, articles, etc.
Ineffective communication may be caused when the messagner is using language the receiver does not understand. In addition the messagner may be speaking too quickly for the receiver to pick up the information being expressed. Besides if both the receiver and listener are angry he or she will receive the information differently from if both parties were in a happier mood. Another sign of ineffective communication is if both the messagner or the receiver does more talking than listening. Effective communication is the process of two-way communication between the messagner and receiver. If communication is ineffective it has the power to cause confusion, low morale, and mislead the receiver.
Demonstrative communication includes nonverbal and unwritten communications. Demonstrative communication entails sending and receiving wordless messages (Nayab, 2010). It is often used to reinforce verbal communication, though it can stand alone and convey messages on its own. Facial expressions are the most common among all nonverbal communication. Demonstrative communication reinforces verbal communication. For example, dressing properly, a firm handshake and a friendly demeanor can speak volumes about the kind of person someone is at a job interview. A person can rely on these qualities to reinforce his or her verbal performance (Sutton, 2011). When a person meets someone, they can tell if the other person is friendly, not only because they say hello, but because they smile, speak cheerfully, and face him or her. A person can gain an idea of what others think about them by the nonverbal signals her or she produce. They can also gauge someone’s reaction to gain positive or negative feedback and use it to his or her advantage. Demonstrative communication allows self-expression (Sutton, 2011). How a person presents themselves says much about their personality to others. A bank executive wears a power suit to convey his dominance and ability as a leader. People use demonstrative communication every day without evening knowing that they are doing so. Hairstyles, clothing, tattoos,...

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