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Communication Opinion


September 1, 2013
Stephen Southern

Communication Opinion

In any field that you’re in you have to communicate with your employees. Sometimes the communication may be good or bad, but when dealing with anyone at a job it needs to be good. Also you have to communicate with everyone in a different way. That’s why you need to know your employees, and know how their personality is. But communication in health care can mean the difference between life and death. When a person life is at risk, effective communication is a must in the health care industry.
Basic Elements of Communication
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In the health care field you also have to understand what your patients needs, and what they want. This can make the visit a lot better, and you as a healthcare provider will be better as well.

Cultural Differences in Communication
Working in the health care field you’re going to be dealing with many people of all races. Some of them may or may not speak English, and this is going to be hard on both parts. If the person doesn’t have an interpreter the visit may be very long, and hard to deal with. But if you have an interpreter in the visit it will be privacy issues. I feel that in a health care faculty there should be someone working at all times that speak Spanish. Because now there are many races that speak Spanish, and don’t speak English, and need medical help and the doctor have to make out what the problem may be with the person. Dealing with cultural differences may become an issue because you don’t know how other cultures communicate. Just like here in the United States we smile when we speak to someone, and in some places smiling may be disrespectful, and rude. It’s the same way about eye contact. I feel that eye contact is very important; it shows...

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