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Communication: Overcoming Barriers Essay

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Communication: Overcoming Barriers
Christopher J Subbiondo
Interpersonal Communication 122
Dr Ticey Hosley PhD
November 30, 2009

Communication: Overcoming Barriers

Communication is a wonderful and beautiful art. Learning to communicate with others is not an easy task, but once you have mastered it, it becomes much like breathing; it is simply second nature. But like most works of art there are many obstacles to overcome to achieve its full potential. One of those obstacles is what I call communication barriers. There are many examples of communication barriers, most of which we do not even know are there. In the following pages, I will be sharing with you the barriers that block ...view middle of the document...

A Southern Drawl tends to put words together that otherwise would not go together, such as saying y’all instead of you all. Neither of these two accents is more superior to the other, it is simply a difference of how these two people were raised. When they come together, it makes understanding each other a little more difficult than it should be. Again though, with time and asking the other to repeat if they were not understood is all it takes to overcome the barrier of accents.
Another barrier is in another form of language, known as lingo. Lingo is what people educated in a specific field use as their base vocabulary. For example, a scientist who is educated in the nuclear engineering field can and will use words that people who are not nuclear engineer typically would not understand. More examples are computer languages such as HTML, BBcode, or C++. These languages are generally not understood to the untrained mind. But with a little research, such as reading a book on the language this can be overcome as well. In the meantime it is not practical to learn every language in the world, so asking the person who is using this lingo with you to clarify themselves, is a perfectly acceptable alternative. If you know however that in the future you will need to know this type of communication, for whatever the purpose may be, it would be beneficial to learn the language ahead of time, as efficiency of communication in these fields are often easier when everyone is on the same page.
Noise is another type of barrier. It is difficult to have a business meeting in a sidewalk café in the middle of a major metropolitan city. The noises heard can often distract the listener or otherwise make them feel uncomfortable. Music that does not agree with the message can often distort the message as well, especially if it is being played too loud and you cannot hear the speaker. Even more intriguing, is the sounds heard in a quiet room. If a room is too quiet people can easily be distracted by the sound of a creaking chair, or someone clearing their throat or coughing. Noise can be very distracting, and many times it will distort the message making you feel like you heard something completely different than was actually said. However, not all noise is bad though. Music playing that coincides with the message, is an excellent way to amplify what is being said and usually helps to convey the message in a stronger more concise way. The way to overcome external noise is to choose your atmosphere properly. If you are in a large open room, in most cases playing music is not a good idea simply because the sound is amplified by the size of the large open space through echoes, making the message scrambled. Choosing a location for a business meeting should be confined to a quiet office, where the message can be construed properly and with effective precision. If you are the recipient, practicing with a colleague or friend on how to communicate with noise around you is...

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