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Communication Opinion Paper

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Communication Opinion Paper
When people ask what makes the world work, there are many answers. In my opinion, what makes the world work is communication. From the moment people are born we start to communicate with our very first scream. The screams that babies let out communicates to the world that they are alive. Our first communication to the world; however, after that communication becomes a little more complicated. This paper will look at what communication is and how effective communication is important in the world.
Communication is more than just a baby screaming to let the world know they are here. In fact, most often that baby’s scream is the first communication in the ...view middle of the document...

Sometimes, there is no interpreter so the two people would have to use other forms of communication to understand each other, such as jesters or find common references to help the communication (du Pre, 2004).
In the healthcare industry communication is at a different level than everyday life. For example, the medical world has a different language the medical industry uses to name medical conditions, disease, procedures, anatomy, and medications. This is a language that the ordinary person is not familiar with, so when a patient goes to the doctor because the patient is feeling ill, there are two different worlds interacting. Even though the medical world and the people speak the same word language, understanding the medical terms that are used, how treatment will be administered, the prognosis of the treatment can be very foreign to the patient. Interpreters are used to effectively communicate between the healthcare community and the patient. Both caregiver and patient must share information and the understanding of what is being said. Processing the information that is given, and asking questions to clarify anything that is not understood, takes sensitivity, and shared meaning for effective communication and understanding on both parts (du Pre, 2004.)
Emotions have a large impact on communications. In the healthcare field, it can become problematic. Patients will often exhibit fear and fear will make them hesitant to communicate about any problematic issues. Fear of what may be wrong with them, fear of the medical world, and fear of the unknown can all be problems that must be dealt with for effective communication in the healthcare world. Fear can be very debilitating and patient can become reluctant to share information. The caregiver must draw the information out of the patient by asking questions, caring about what the patient is saying, and continue to ask sensitive questions to obtain the information that is needed. Start by asking non-threatening questions and when the patient starts to response with answer then the provider can expanding on what the patient is say. Establishing a provider patient relationship on trust and understand is critical to communications with someone who is reluctant to cooperate (du...

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