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Communication is one of the most frequently discussed dynamic in the entire field of organizational behavior, but it is seldom clearly understood. In practice, effective communication is a basic prerequisite for the attainment of the organizational goals, but it has remained one of the biggest problems facing modern management. Communication is an extremely brad topic and of course is not restricted to the organizational behavior field. Some estimate of the extent of its use go up to about three-fourths of an active human being’s life, and even higher proportions of a typical manager’s time.

It is natural that many of our managers fail to communicate effectively with ...view middle of the document...

5. Focus present communication system in our country.

6. Analyze the ways to improving the effectiveness of communication methods.

7. Particular attention is given to how Ten Commandments of good communication system minimize industrial relation problems.

Importance of the Assignment:

There seems little doubt that communication plays an important role in managerial and organizational effectiveness. Yet, on the other side of the same coin, communication is commonly cited as being at the root of practically all the problems of the world. It is given as the explanation lover’s quarrels, ethnic prejudice, and war between nations, the generation gap, industrial disputes, and organizational conflict. These are only representative of the numerous problems of the attributed to ineffective communication. Obviously, this thinking can go too far: communication can become a convenient scapegoat or crutch. Not all organization and interpersonal difficulties are the result of communication breakdown.

Twenty years back a typical manager did not bother about communicating with his people. Time has changed. With wide spread, attitude of employees has changed. They no longer just take order from the boss and carry it out without question. They want to know the justification of the order. Today the manager has to motivate his employees for getting the job done. He has to mould attitude and impart beliefs in order to persuade, convince and influence behavior of his men in order to get the desire results.

Today the top and middle level executives typically devote 60 to 80 percent of their working hour in communicating. They are continually interacting with other people via conferences, interviews, telephonic conversations, reading reports, letters, documents and face-to-face communication. Their success depends largely on their ability to communicate i.e. to speak, listen, read or write.


To conduct a study properly designing of the process is essential. Because reliability and validity of the outcomes of a study depends on the reliable data and information. In this connection some activities has been carried out tom collect data and information.

Data Type:

Secondary data has been used in this report.

Data Sources:

The published journals and OB books will be used as the secondary data sources.

The following are the limitations in preparing the report and field study: -

• On the above context the time was very limited.

• It was very difficult to consult with guide time to time.

• Difficult to carry out the field study and preparing the report.


2.1 The Definition of Communication:

Most definition of “Communication” used in organizational behavior literate stress the use of symbols to transfer the meaning of information. A communication expert emphasizes the behavioral implications of communication by pointing out “the only means by which one...

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