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| Communicating in a care team |
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| Teacher: Penny FlemmingDate: Friday 11th November 2011Final Assignment: Present a report on your ability to communicate in team situations. Written by:Nicole James |
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Communicating in a care team

Teacher: Penny Flemming
1. I Always Try To See My Team Members Point of View: In a conflict, most team member primarily wants to feel heard and understood. I talk a lot about my point of views to get the other person to see things my way. Ironically, if we all do this all at the same time, there’s little focus on the other person’s point of view, and nobody feels understood. I try to really see the other sides, and then I can better explain myself. And if I don't 'get it', I tend to ask more questions until I do. I believe others will more likely be willing to listen if they feel heard.
We were given a group assignment called “The Story Of Anne”, the team members all had different point of views ...view middle of the document...

As far as I’m concerned, it’s important to “listen” for the other person’s pain and respond with empathy to their feelings. Also, I look for what’s true in what they’re saying; that can be valuable information to me.
A fellow student came up to me and said, “Don’t worry we will never be paired up on stage…since you’re sooooo tall”. At first, I felt hurt, but I pondered on what she said and realized that she was also hurt…Earlier that day I used her as a reference in a question I had on “comfort level” using her as an extreme; me being the tallest and her the shortest. It did not cross my mind that I hit a soft spot …Later I found out that she was teased all her life about her height. She had felt insecure about doing her part because of her height. Ironically we ended up on stage together. When a staff worker wanted to choose me instead of her because of her height, I told him “No, she is capable of doing it and maybe even better then me”. We are now great friends.
I Forget to Listen:
1. Sometimes I interrupt or rehearse what I’m going to say next instead of truly listening and attempting to understand my team members. This keeps me from seeing their point of view, and keeps them from wanting to see mine! I sometimes underestimate the importance of really listening and empathizing with the other person. People often think they’re listening, but are really thinking about what they’re going to say next when the other person stops talking. Truly effective communication goes both ways. While it might be difficult, I try to really listen to what the team member is saying. I don’t interrupt or get defensive. I just hear them and reflect back what they’re saying so they know I’ve heard. By doing this I will understand them better and they’ll be more willing to listen to me.
I Try to "Win" The Argument:
1. I love it when I “win” an argument; the only thing is that the “team” loses! If I’m making a case for how wrong the other person is, discounting their feelings, and staying stuck in my point of view, my focus is in the wrong direction! The point of a discussion should be mutual understanding and coming to an agreement or resolution that respects everyone’s needs. I need to stay focused on the bigger picture and not whether I win or loose.

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