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Communication I Nursing Profession Essay

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Why is Communication in the Nursing Profession Important? Meia BrownCM/107Kaplan University


Communication in the nursing professional is complicated process and the possibility of sending or receiving incorrect messages frequently exists. It is essential that we know the key components of the communication process, how to improve our skills, and the potential problems that exist with errors in communication. Good communication skills should be considered a basic requirement for any person irrespective of the profession the person is engaged in. Communication helps a person to relate well with the people he is interacting with. The nursing profession is not an exception since a ...view middle of the document...

A patient has to express his or her feelings and this way, a nurse is able to diagnose the patient easily. Without monopolization of the conversation, the nurse allows for compliments and he is able to receive them gracefully (Cynthia, 2001). Great communication is also very important to a nurse as it helps him or her know the best type of questions to engage in a conversation. The type of information the nurse wants to gather from the patient will guide the questions. It is worth noting that “yes” and “no” answers are not good in gathering information and therefore a great communicator will use open answer questions to achieve his or her objectives. When the nurse is gathering critical information from the patient, he or she uses the value of the eye contact so that he can listen attentively while he or she commits the patient to engage fully in the conversation. This will discourage the patient from leaving any information that could be helpful to the nurse.I believe with good communication, a nurse knows the kind of subjects to avoid in the conversation. There are some questions, which are irrelevant in the conversation between a nurse and a patient and this should always be avoided so that the patient can feel at ease while engaging in the conversation. The patient will be able to disclose all the vital details (Cynthia, 2001).In the description stage, a great communicator will use the listening and attentiveness aspects to make the conversation more engaging (Nupad, 2010). It is in this phase as well that the nurse should value the aspect of eye contact to discourage lies. With listening, the nurse is able to benefit from increase of self-esteem through acknowledging others. Listening helps the two parties engaged in a conversation to get time to release tension and stress resulting from sharing of ideas and thoughts. Listing also helps the nurse in earn respect and loyalty from his patients. it also through listening that a person is able to use his or her other forms of communication such as gestures, eye contact, body language and facial expressions.  In...

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