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Communication Essay

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Communication Essay
One show that I can think of that there is always a lot of communication issues would be the television show called Home Improvement. Tim would always go to his neighbor, Mr. Wilson, with issues that he was having with his family and ask him for advice on how to deal with the problem. The only problem with this is that after Tim got his neighbor’s, Mr. Wilson’s, advice he would always misinterpret what the neighbor was saying when he would repeat it to his wife and/or one of his three boys.
The issue or purpose of the commication in this television show woud be that, Tim Taylor, would be going to his neighbor, Mr. Wilson, to ask him for ...view middle of the document...

Wilson and take it back and apply it with his family in a different way than it was told to him. Tim would get the point across that Mr. Wilson was trying to make, but when he would repeat to his wife what the neighbor said the words would be mixed up and out of order, but it got the same meaning across.
I believe that the scenes in Home Improvement played out very well because there was both miscommunication and successful communication because he would get the information from his neighbor, and mix the words up but still be able to get the same point across. I feel that if they changed the character to Jill Taylor being the one that went next door for the advice, then the show would not be as funny because Tim is set out to be goof of the show. I believe that Tim is the one that makes the show funny. He is always messing things up at home or at work, and makes the show have more comedy in it.
Home Improvement is a television series that consists of seven main characters. It is Tim and Jill Taylor, their three boys, the neighbor, Mr. Wilson, and Tim’s best friend, Al. Tim and Al have there own t.v. show on this television series that is called “Tool Time”. The setting takes place either at Tim Taylor’s house or his television studio. Tim and his wife, Jill have three boys so of course there are sometimes family issues. They are never anything major, it is just a normal family of five that has differences of opinions and other things that people sometimes argue about. This is when Tim goes to his neighbor and asks him for his advice on how to handle certain situations.

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