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Communication Dilemma – Getting Credit Essay

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Case Study 1: Communication Dilemma – Getting Credit

Tabitha E. Taylor

Professor Bagher Fardanesh

MGT 522 – Women in Leadership

March 15, 2015

Propose some lessons we can learn from gender communication in business.
Some of the main focuses of gender communication in business are the differences and stereotypes of the way females and males communicate. From their use of language, tone, to negotiation skills, men and women have always differed. This mainly stems from the upbringing of girls and boys. There are various lessons society can learn from gender communication in business. Some of the main these lessons can be learned are the following;
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(Valerio 2009) Women are perceived to be more passive, approachable, emotional, and pay attention to detail. Men are assumed to be aggressive, one dimensional, natural born leaders. Not every male fits the assumed label of leadership, but when women don’t it becomes a double standard. When women behave more dominant in the workplace they are viewed in a negative light or almost as a threat. Although women who fit the typical stereotypes are not taken seriously and sometimes looked over for higher management opportunities.

Compare and contrast Robert’s and Claudia’s styles of communication. Speculate on how their communication styles impacted their handling of the situation.
Claudia executed two different communication styles. Robert and Ken were both male and her peers but she acted differently when interacted with each of them. Claudia’s behavior with Robert was passive, non-confrontational, and unsure of herself. Robert felt as if he was the superior manager. Her behavior with Ken was as if they were equals not subordinates. The communication style she took with Robert allowed her to be viewed and treated as an inferior manager. No manager or employee, male or female should ever allow a person to feel they are in control just because it is the easy thing to do. This behavior can cause the employee to be viewed as weak and unassertive. Being a problem solver, decision maker, innovative, standing firm on your beliefs are characteristics of a great manager or leader. Claudia took the back seat approach with Robert because she didn’t want to cause problems but this ultimately was what caused the conflict.
According to the text, Claudia referred to Robert as “old school.” (Reeves 2010) Robert’s communication style was traditional. He was dominant, competitive, overbearing, and unemotional. Robert was allowed to feel he was more superior by Claudia. His attitude and personality conflicted with Claudia in the past. The comments that he made to Claudia at the lunch meeting were male chauvinistic and disrespectful. It also proved he had little to no respect for her as a manager. Not only did he show no regard to passing off her idea as his, Robert even insulted her physical appearance with the lettuce salad comment. Robert felt as if Claudia was behaving as a typical woman acts. She was emotional, sensitive and passive aggressive.

If you were in Robert’s shoes, describe how you would deal with the situation with Claudia. Describe what you would do if you were Claudia.
Robert should first apologize to Claudia for introducing a new development as if it was his idea. He should then edit resend a memo. The memo should not refer to Claudia as a team member; it should include her current job title. The memo also should give the proper acknowledgment to Claudia for designing the program. By correcting his mistake he would gain more respect. He should also research some form of communication skills and work ethics training classes to...

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