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Quick, name the one degree which many people think is useless and worthless. Communications. Sadly, people don’t realize it’s the communications degree that enables them to read the news every day and helps to stay knowledgeable about world issues.
If the writers at the Houston Chronicle or the New York Times didn’t present the news in an orderly, cohesive and understandable manner, our already-ignorant human nature would have risen to an overall dangerous level because of our lack of information and communication.
Communications degree is an important media through which people are exposed to wide array of jobs and learn to communicate eloquently.
The new core curriculum at the University of St. Thomas made Public Speaking an optional course for students. Previously, it was required for graduation and taking this class would have certainly improve a student’s ability to become speakers.
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Translation: students began to hyperventilate when they are picked on to answer a question in class or they know they are about to be called on which is not good for their nervous system.
I thought about what the university board could have been thinking when they voted for the depreciation of public speaking from the curriculum thus discouraging students from pursuing a communications degree. If their logic is something along the lines that students can do without it, well then what does that say about the theology and philosophy courses that we are required to take? Students have to take so many of them that some students end up doing a minor in theology and philosophy.
For students who are biology majors, a theology or philosophy class hardly serves any purpose apart from adding more stress on their intense workload.
For communications majors like me this is tragic news.
I say this because quite literally in every field one needs to be able to communicate and speak intelligently with correct grammar and grammar is what scares the crows out of many college students.
My point here is that a communications degree, while not as rigorous as say biology or chemistry, is quite advantageous and desirable in the whole realm of things. Being a communications major trains a student in many aspects of journalism, television production and public relations as well as constantly teaching students how to write correctly. This kind of boot camp-like education prepares students for the fast-paced world and guarantees success in many jobs.
Instead of making public speaking an option over another class, University of St. Thomas should incorporate it into theology or philosophy classes. Students can be required to make an informative speech about the current topic in class to make students become comfortable with making speeches and theology/philosophy will classes continue as usual.
Honing the public speaking skill and having a communications degree is one combination that guarantees a job regardless of the economic situation of the nation. There are only a few people who have achieved that level and they are successful no matter what profession they chose.

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