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Communication Channels Essay

1486 words - 6 pages

Communications Channel Paper
Kristen Peoples & Rebecca Mckeeth
HCS/320 Health Care Communications
Professor Paul Woods
May 7th 2012

Communication Channels
Communication is something very important no matter what organization or workplace one might reside. It is something that is absolutely necessary in a business model and as described by the lay networks website the essential components include encoding, medium of transmission, decoding, and feedback ("The Process of Communication", n.d.). With everyday living, comes communicating with others. Some people are great communicators, some people are horrible communicators and some just need to be pushed a little and learn the ropes ...view middle of the document...

Compare and Contrast
With the organizations across the board everyone utilizes the basic communication methods of the following: Phones, email, face to face chat, and monthly meetings. There were some very different forma of communications based on the business type. There were two medical organizations compared with one financial group. Let us take a look at the first method of communication mentioned. E-mail is now a worldwide and universal way of communicating with others. More than ever, e-mail has shown people how to communicate without having to actually speak or see the person face to face. This makes things easier when there isn't enough time in the day to actually meet with someone. Text messaging is also another form of communication that has taken the world by storm. So many businesses like to stay in contact with their employees this way when they have something simple to relay without a long message attached. One type of communication that was similar yet a little different would be the instant messaging. Instant messaging is used in both places yet one is used through an internal email system and one was utilized through MSN. (Oddly enough the company with the msn usage was the financial industry to which one would think there would be a higher level of security)
Text messaging among businesses and other employees are usually consistent of small sentences and one or two word answers. It makes everyone's lives easier with just a quick text message. Another popular way of communicating that has been brought up is face time meetings. These are a way for the companies in different locations to all come together for a common goal one industry utilized this form and the other two medical fields tended to be more face to face with monthly meeting. Meetings are the way of communication that goes all the way back. Before technology, business men and women would hold meetings to conduct business. Still today, this form of communication is widely used on an everyday basis. Face to face confrontation and clarification is still the most used form of communication among businesses.
The last one mentioned is the use of the telephone. The phone has come a long way among the years. Not only is there the generic use of telephone in workplaces to communicate, but there are great features that have arisen with the use of the phone as well. Conference dialing where more than two people can be involved in the call, call waiting, detailed voicemail and the use of mobile phones with businesses are all ways of using the telephone system. The phone has definitely come a long way and is still used almost entirely in every company or business place and all inventoried organizations utilized this form of communication. With the medical organizations it is comparative in the in the fact that there is a communication channel that is set up to receive in potential new patient inquiries. This system is set up to receive the information in and...

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