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Communication Channel Scenarios Essay

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Communication Channel Scenarios
October 12, 2012

Communication Channel Scenarios
The content of this paper will provide details involving communication channel scenarios, which channel is appropriate for the scene, and why the channel was chosen to convey the message. First, communication is a two-way process of reaching an understanding by which information is exchanged either informally or formally by means of a common system of signs, symbols, and behavior.
Scenario 1
In scene one the vice president of operations has assigned the marketing manager the task of developing a marketing strategy introducing a new beverage that has done well in the United States for the global ...view middle of the document...

Scenario 2
In scene two the manager of a large travel agency of 11 employees was notified by an employee that the company login name and password has expired for the computer application used by the all the company employees. The manager has to contact the offsite IT department quickly to have the matter attended to so that there is not a breakdown in the company production process.
In this scene the manager should use an informal means of communication to the IT department because of the urgency to allow the employees access to the applications to perform his or her job function. The medium that should be used is the telephone, as it allows the message to be delivered quickly to the offsite IT department, and the problem can be predetermined quickly, thus the manager can pass the information downward to the employees in a timely matter. The manager should use a downward means of communication to ensure that all the employees receive the information of the updated login name and password by electronic mail. In addition; electronic mail is low in richness, however it allows the manager to convey the message instantly, and in mass production, since the manager has 11 employees within the company to get the message across quickly. In addition, electronic mail provides a document that ensures that the employees...

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