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Communication Change Challenge Essay

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Communication Change Challenge
My Evaluation
Speech Class SPCH277
Olumide Abiodun
December 15, 2011

I learned in this class to actively listen, clear my mind and pay attention, to understand what is being said even when I do not agree with the subject or topic. Active listening is a very important part of communication because it is what helps us as communicators to respond clearly and completely because we have listened and understood completely.
What was the course material that suggests that this particular communication behavior was an appropriate target for change?
8A: In week one, the course identified errors in our communication patterns. I think ...view middle of the document...

In Customer Service (when I used to work there), you can get a customer yelling at you like you know nothing… like they know it all. I have learned to compose myself. To actually listen, one has to be quiet and allow the speaker to complete speaking before responding.
Consider the implementation of your new behaviors in Part 7. Were there any situations in which you were dissatisfied with your approach to improving your interpersonal communication? What was the course material that suggests that this particular communication behavior continues to be less than ideal?
8C: I would say the point in 8B is also dissatisfying my approach to improving interpersonal communication. This change is something I would have to get adjusted to. I find myself getting a whole lot frustrated keeping quiet and the feeling is very painful. Quite recently, I spoke to a lady in this manner, and she kept going on and on, reiterating what she had said over and over (reminds me of one of my points that I learned to adjust in this course about letting points stick). Many times came when I felt like interrupting her. I was just forced to hold my cool and wait before responding.
This holding back gets very frustrating at times, and I even pity myself when the same customer comes back apologizing for ranting earlier in the conversation. I tell her its okay, not to worry, but deep in my mind I want her head on a platter. I somehow think things will be implemented better and that slowly but surely these aftershocks will wither away…
Consider the implementation of your new behaviors in Part 7. What changes would you still like to make? What was the course material that suggests that this modification would complement or enhance your communication outcomes?
8D: I would like to be more conducive to aggressive people in my mind. I have a tendency to be nice to people when my mind may be saying something else. I think I’ve learned this bad habit over time. I retaliate a lot;...

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