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Communication Breakdown Essay

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Communication Breakdown

It was a day like any other. Dad had just brought breakfast back to the family. I especially remember how fresh the carrots tasted. We’ve just moved to a new place, just south of the lake where my brother and I learned to swim. Although our old home was destroyed unexpectedly by a bunch of men in hats, we were adjusting well to our new place. The grass was soft and the hills were lightly capped with white snow. It was in between winter and spring, my favorite time of the year. Jimmy and I were on our way to the pasture to find hay for our beds. Suddenly, I saw a quick flash and heard a crisp crack! Oh no, not again.
“Jimmy run, go home!” I screamed to my little brother as I fell to the ground. Skeptically, my brother ran south. I lay on the ground with tears in my eyes. A sharp pain overcomes my body as I concentrate on breathing. I think back on all the times in my life that I’ve been scared or hurt. This is definitely the ...view middle of the document...

That’s the only reason someone would resort to these extreme measures to try and kill me.
I come to the clearing north of the lake. I lie down on the ground to look at my wound. I am shocked to see that I am quickly losing blood. My left leg is hurt, badly. I know it’s broken when I feel the tingling. All of a sudden, I see the man in the orange vest walking through the clearing. I struggle to get to my feet as I fall to the ground repeatedly. The man screams to me things that I do not understand, and it scares me. He gets closer and closer. All I can do is struggle and curse my non functioning leg. I buck my head and try again and again to talk to him although I know it will do no good. We do not have a communication channel. We cannot express feelings to one another or discuss humanity. As he gets closer I wish I could just give up now.
In a matter of seconds, the man is standing over me. He is giving me a strange look as I buck my head in resistance. He is not shooting me and I do not understand why. I want to be put out of my misery. He extends a hand and as I flinch in fear and expect pain. I realize that this human man is petting my head. He has a tear in his eye. He isn’t trying to murder me. I am confused. I study his face as he looks me over. His expression changes when he gets to my leg. I’m starting to understand that my enemy has had a change of heart.
After what seems like an eternity, a vehicle pulls up to the clearing of the woods. A woman steps out and runs over to where I am, helplessly lying with the man, he is still petting my head. I look up at her with terrified, wide eyes. She pulls a pointy thing out of a bag and inserts it into my flesh. Suddenly a relief floods over my body and I drift to sleep.
When I wake up I am lying in the clearing. The birds are singing my favorite song. The sun is beaming down on me, warming my body. I am confused until I feel the throbbing in my leg. I almost forgot about this nightmare. I look down and realize that my leg is covered in some kind of white bandage. The man apparently decided to spare me. Slowly, I stand up and head home. I guess sometimes all it takes is a look to bridge the gap between man and animal and acquire a bond with humanity.

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