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Communication As An Art Essay

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Communication as an Art
Davenport University

Communication can be challenging and entertaining. Being able to understand how verbal and nonverbal, written and listening communication can impact the overall interpretation is important. This paper discusses how each area impacts the line of communication and how everyone can add their own person touch to the message being delivered to inspire and motivate. Overall, communication is an art because of the way individuals can alter the perceptions depending on the amount of preparation and practice that the speaker applies to the document.

Communication as an Art
Communication is the sharing of thoughts and ideas with ...view middle of the document...

When an individual is able to prepare for speeches or training of others the gathering of facts to support the topic is considered the part of science communication. The way the material is put together with handouts or PowerPoint presentations will vary depending on the preparer.
It is not only the materials that impacts communication, it is the presenter’s attire and mannerisms. It is important to dress appropriately for the type of presentation. The most well respected presenters wear dark colored suits and times for men while women wear skirts and blouses. Wearing flashy colors and patterns can be distracting to the audience receiving the information (Limited, F., 2009). As the presenter you want the information to attract attention not your attire.
It is also important to know your own tendencies on nonverbal cues. There are times when speakers fidget too much, pace back and forth and feel like they are yelling at the audience. The speaker may show aggressive behavior while speaking or can be just the opposite by being shy, timid, and very quiet while delivering the message. Being able to understand your own actions allows you to practice on eliminating the negative nonverbal cues. So what are positive nonverbal cues to use? The most obvious are smiling, eye contact, acknowledgement by head nodding, and the tone of voice used throughout the conversation.
When an individual is familiar with the audience and the material there is an easy flow to the presentation. When speakers are comfortable the tone of voice shows passion and the nervous tendencies are diminished. To become more comfortable with the material it is important to be prepared and practice. It doesn’t take much to be prepared when you prepare the speeches or just to watch or read the news for when you are communicating throughout your daily routines.
Have you ever sat at a restaurant and watched other people around you? The nonverbal cues used can reveal a lot about the situation. There are some conversations where everyone is smiling, nodding heads, and laughing while others are frowning with their arms cross and closed off to the discussions. How does this impact our own form of communication? Being able to predict, prepare, and practice can help to recognize and respond to the audience’s needs along with presenting the information in a viable manner.
Written Communication
Written communication can be in a form of a report, letter, memo, and email to name a few. When preparing a report, letter, memo or email it is important to keep in mind who will be receiving the document. Since everyone interprets information differently the written communication should be carefully written and read through prior to sending the document out. Being creative, positive and motivational through writing can be very difficult for individuals and can take extra time to process. A few things to remember when preparing written documents, especially through email is...

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