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Communication And The Global World Essay

1256 words - 6 pages

Phase I – Individual Project


Professor Robert Dunoskovic

Colorado Technical University

Hesteresia “Terri” Crawford

October 15, 2014

When starting a franchise in other countries one should consider the complications one
can run into such as their cultures and beliefs. This type of venture requires careful planning
to ensure it is not a complete washout. Franchises that are proposing to invest in foreign market,
in such countries such as Mexico, China, United Arab Emirates and Israel, have distinctive
arrogances, views, principles, customs and philosophies that are contrarily from the United States.

Nations such as ...view middle of the document...

Taking this in consideration
there are various social specifics and standards which has to be followed when engaging in
intercontinental fast-food franchises, it’s very important to be knowledgeable before obliging to
international development. Matters inclusive of social manners with reverence to patrons as well
as workers has to be taken into consideration before starting the fast-food intercontinental
expansion which consist of ethical principles, social behaviors, protocol, morals, work insolences and, religious impact, as well as the mind-set towards women (Ni &
Alonb 2010).

Using your own personal observation to study communal conducts possibly will lead to
typecasting and other mistaken beliefs. By the same token, employing the characteristic of
acknowledgment whereas societies associate actions with intentions, tendency, causes and
situations as to clarify why societies conduct themselves in this way confirms to be rather
challenging. Due to the detail or somewhat tendency of people to employ their own
experiences which is attained from their own philosophy to simplify unusual manners amid
societies in other nations (Kelley 1971).

However, to avoid social and ethnic misunderstandings there are various types
of teaching which the franchise should have in place, for example, attribution training which
is inclusive of making personnel conscious of their individual cultural background and how
it differs with the ethnic setting of the foreign locality they visit or work in. (Liu, Gallois
& Volcic 2011). Another style of training which is useful in avoiding errors and concerns
linked to foreign circumstances is coaching. Seemingly, the main type of training is that of
demonstrating an advanced concern to all customs, practices, expressions and even types
of linguistic that may be used in other areas or even nation. Personnel can be provided
with detailed cases of what should be done when they come in contact with someone whose
beliefs differ from theirs. (Liu, Gallois & Volcic 2011).

A more important issue should be discussed with the staff while working in a foreign
nation is the ethical values of the business. Manners and actions considered moral in a many
cultures are not consistent to be the same in the United States. An good example of this is the
practice of backdoor associates and enticement. Seemingly, this type of business is usual in
several other countries as China and Mexico while the UAE and Israel are renowned
for their high standards of morals and ethics when dealing in business relations. (Gangone,

Culture awareness is identified as the event one experiences once relocated
to a foreign country which is entirely dissimilar from their own (Liu, Gallois & Volcic
2011). For example, once managers relocate in China, Israel and UAE, it is totally
expected of them to be shocked to the various cultural rules such as business regulations,

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