Communication And Information Technology Essay

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Communication and Information Technology
Technology has given health care providers the ability to communicate over distances to provide better care for the patient. Technology has made many differences in the health care community. “Technology has become a powerful communication tool in medicine,” (pg. 21). One new development in technology is electronic medical records (EMR) and electronic health records (EHR). This technology will allow health care organizations and providers to turn paper charts into digital charts (Garrett, 2011).
Although most people use the terms EMR and EHR interchangeably, there are differences between the two. EMRs are the medical information and treatment ...view middle of the document...

The advantage of EMRs and EHRs is the ability to share information. EHRs have information that travel with the patient. EHRs contain information that can save a patient’s life. For example a person goes into an emergency room and the nurse in the emergency room is able to pull up the patient’s information and see that the patient has an allergy to certain medications. It is a great advantage to have this information especially if the patient is unable to provide the information. Another advantage of EMRs and EHRs is that they reduce the amount of paperwork the health care providers has to file and store. This also affects the financial aspect of the organization. Using EMRs and EHRs reduces the amount of paperwork, so there is less need to someone to file paperwork. This also frees up time for the team members in the office to provide better care. Another advantage is that the EMRs and EHRs will make it easier to verify patient insurance and eligibility and to file claims faster (Ruffner, 2010).
One disadvantage of EMRs and EHRs is the initial cost of installing the program. Although there are incentives provided to health care organizations that start using the new technology, it may not cover the initial cost (Ruffner, 2010). Another disadvantage is that not every practice will want to introduce EHRs into the office. Many health care providers who are older may not understand how to use the EHRs and decided that...

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