Communication And Collaboration Strategies For Group Work

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Communication and Collaboration Strategies for Group Work
When working with a group, it is important to utilize strategies that will allow one to communicate effectively with individuals who have different learning styles and personality types. Different personality types do have individual learning styles, so how one communicates with each person will differ.
A person who has a verbal/linguistic learning style communicates through language, i.e. listening, reading, writing and speaking. I would communicate with this type of person through presentations, emails, text messaging, and talking on the phone. Someone who learns in this way excels when he/she is actively participating in group discussions.
An interpersonal learning style is based on self-awareness, independence and time spent alone. A person ...view middle of the document...

There are also many different personality types to consider when interacting with a group. For example, a thinker is very analytical, thinking outside the box and using abstract thinking to solve problems. When working in a group, it would make sense to assign someone with this personality type the task of creating charts, spreadsheets and analyzing data. An effective way to communicate with this person is through a wide range of communications, such as emails, texting or face-to-face.
Another personality type is the organizer. He/she is very reliable, organized and efficient. This person could be responsible for scheduling task for group member, keeping everyone on task and making sure the project is in order. The best way to communicate with an organizer would be through emails or faxes, because he/she communicates best when there is a clear-cut plan in place.
A third personality type is a giver. This person is very empathetic to others in the group, trying to ensure that each group member has equal involvement. The thinker’s strongpoint is helping others through negotiation of group conflicts and expressing thoughts and feeling. I would communicate with a thinker through face-to-face and by phone, because a giver must be able to read someone’s tone to be able to empathize with that person’s needs.
In conclusion, there are many different learning styles and personality types. In order to effectively communicate with different types of people, it is important to understand how others think and learn within a group. Many times, people are put into a group and given tasks that do not match their learning styles or personality traits. This makes working together rather ineffective. It is important to, not only understand the learning styles and personality traits of the people in your group, but to also understand your own. Doing so will make working together a much more valuable experience.

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