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Communication And Collaboration For Different Learning Styles And Personality Types

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Communication and Collaboration for Different Learning Styles and Personality Types
Learning Styles
In every day living and learning, people tend to end with the possibly same outcome, but go about approaching them in totally different ways. Upon completing the Learning Styles Assessment Worksheet, three learning styles were identified: Interpersonal, Intrapersonal, and Logical-Mathematical. The first finding was the interpersonal learning style. According to Howard Gardner interpersonal learning style deals with the ability to relate to others noticing their moods, motivations, and feelings. The main strategy I would use is to try to take my classes on campus. The social interaction between the instructor and students is amazing. Developing study groups and meeting new people are also strategies I would also use. The second style I have is intrapersonal. ...view middle of the document...

The strategy that I will use is to keep my mind stimulated with different types of problem-solving word games, puzzles, and figuring things out.
Personality Types
According to Howard Gardner personality assessments helps us to understand how we respond to the world around us. Based on my findings, I have chosen three that best fit me in my everyday life. My first personality type is a giver. The characteristics of a giver are helping others, honesty, making a difference in the world, and successful close relationships. The strategy that I will use is to continue to help others with things that come easy to me, but may be difficult to them. Other strategies that come to mind are putting the most energy into the most important things in my life, and find ways to clearly express my thoughts and feelings better. Seconding the personality type that I found best fit me is an organizer. Loyalty, responsibility, reliability, and neatness are some of the characteristics. Strategies for an organizer are imperative because, I am a mother of two, a fulltime employee, and student. The strategy I will use the most, is to keep a schedule of daily tasks and activities. I will make sure my children are taken care of while working, attending, living, and experiencing. Last, but definitely not least I chose thinker. Curiosity, humility, active listening, and objectivity are among some of the characteristics. Keeping in touch with my emotions, is the main strategy I will use. Studying my mistakes is an important strategy that I will use. Being the person who I am, believing that I’m always right, I am learning to take constructive criticism and consider different points of views.

My discoveries have taught me that everyone is unique in his or her own way. There are many benefits in discovering the different types of ways you learn and deal with everyday issues that you and I are faced with. Personally, academically, and professionally my learning styles and personality traits will help me to become the best individual I can be.

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