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Communication Essay

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Violence in the Communities

In this paper I will be discussing the affects of violence in and around our communities. First I will provide you with the definition of violence; violence is defined as a swift and intense force. Then an explanation of who violence can affect and what affects violence can have on us, and our society. Finally, several ways to prevent or slow down violence from repeating it’s self in today’s society.

Today violence has affected everyone in some form or fashion, whether in our families, friends, or on television. Now day’s violence has gone from the older folks to the young folks. It has been proven that most of the crimes and violent acts are coming from the younger children. No one knows why or where they are getting these acts from it may be the following of others, watching television, or it may just be in their blood stream. There is evidence that children often copy what they see ...view middle of the document...

When someone is in a violent situation or has been in that situation it will take a toll on them. Whether it is good or bad. Sometimes when someone has been in a bad situation if they make it out they may have some kind of problem where either they have to take medication, or be hospitalized, or they may even turn to drugs.
I can remember a situation where a friend told me about something that was going on with her. She was being abused by her husband and her kids would be around sometimes when he did this. She sought counseling but that didn’t help, so in the end she killed her husband. She didn’t do any jail time because of the police reports and so forth, but her kids were affected just as much as she was. Her son picked up what he saw his father do and he did the same to his family but eventually he got help, so he didn’t end up like his father but he could have. So see violence does have an effect on each and every person, just in different ways.
Finally I will discuss different ways to try and reduce some of the violence in our kids and our society. The first thing we can do is teach our children at an early age that violence is wrong and will not be tolerated. We can go back to reading books instead of watching so much television. Also we can go back to the way things were when our parents were coming up. Give them more extra-curriculum activities which will keep them off the streets. Invest more into the community so the children will have better and more interesting places that they will want to go to instead of getting in trouble. On our TV’s we can block all the violence and negative things we don’t want our kids to see. Most of the things listed for the kid we grown-up can do as well.
In conclusion violence is the reason that most of our society is either deceased or incrassated. For the most part I have begun talking to my kids trying to instill in them that violence is wrong. Also instead of hanging in the streets and watching all the television shows, they would play basketball and swim. When I need time to do things around the house they will play educational games instead of video games. On the weekend we as parents can spend a great deal of time doing family things instead of letting whatever goes.

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