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Organs responsible to do this are kidneys, ureter and bladder.
Reproductive system:
Is a system of conceiving new live. Female body is supported by ovary, fallopian tube, uterus, cervix and vagina to be able to conceive babies. Male key components are urethra, penis and testes.
Muscular-skeleton system:
The function of the system is to support and protect the major body organs, where production of the hematopoiesis will also take a place to create reed and white blood cells and storing the minerals. By the muscles contractions and relaxations, a special fiber will allow the body to make movements. The number of bones in the human skeletal system is an in round number of 300 bones. Some of the Humans are however, many bones fuse together between birth and maturity. But a consequence and usual adult skeleton consists of 206 bones. These system major organs are made of bones, joints, cartilage pads, muscles fiber and fibril. There are three muscles types: cardiac, smooth and skeletal.
Central nervous system:
This system plays the role of communicatory devises bulletin all body receptors to collect the data throughout 5 senses to process it and transmits the information to major organs. Data is processed and will be responsible with motor output. Hypothalamus and spinal cord are like devises which body uses to do it.
Endocrine system:
This system is responsible for the function of glands to release hormones inside the body. 7 glands named adrenalin gland, intestine, ovary, pancreas, thymus, pineal gland and pituitary which work as chemical messengers through the blood. These hormones released by the above glands will make sure growth; reproduction and metabolism are maintained and regulated.
Immune system:
Is a multifaceted system of security where 3 protection lines made of skin, mucus membrane and blood cells fight with any intruders to keep the human body in healthy balance.
Integumentary system:
This system function as a protection, sensory, heat regulation all over the body and it controls evaporation excretion. The main organ responsible to do this is human skin.
Add the 3 organs and describe in anatomical way and what they are responsible for.

Homeostasis is the one of human body functional process where the body is kept in the correct temperature measured from 36.6 ’C to 37’C, unable the body to function well. The body maintains the constant environment in narrow limits by working mechanisms. To perform the stability inside the body by the receptors to controls and informs the center of control called (brain), the great hypothalamus. The performance will be happening by the effectors which will correct and overcome of happening changes. The negative feedback will happen if the effectors will work towards targeted change, one of examples will be the mention above correction of temperature, where reversing the direction of a change take place and balancing every process so the body can function. Negative feedback...

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