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Communicating With Differentaudiences Essay

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Geneveive Dillard
GS1145 Assignment 1.2
Rules of Classroom Etiquette. Short Answer
Select three specific class etiquette rules you will use in this class to project a positive image.

Classroom etiquette can be defined as the appropriate behavior or manners expected of someone in a learning environment. For example; High schools, Colleges, etc. Every classroom is populated by people from various works of life, diverse cultures, different backgrounds and different upbringing coming together to attain and achieve a common goal. Without classroom etiquette or defining rules, there will be chaos and unresolved issues.
In order to project a positive image in the classroom, through my understanding that my class is populated by people of diverse religions, cultures and backgrounds, I will ...view middle of the document...

Due to time constraints, family responsibilities and work, I always find myself procrastinating and leaving things that need to be done immediately for the last minute. After which I find myself either not doing it at all, or not doing it to the best of my ability. In order to be successful in this class and my entire program of study, I must learn to prioritize and delegate. In line with the rules of classroom etiquette, turning in papers, projects, and assignments on time is a sure path to success. By setting realistic goals for myself, cutting back on my work hours, and delegating other commitments to family and friends, I shouldn’t just have adequate time to get my assignments and projects done, but also have enough time to study for the class ahead.
Knowing and understanding that my class instructor is approachable and willing to help me reach my goals, is extremely encouraging. As the mother of a thirteen months old baby boy, I may find myself in emergency situations which will require that I leave class earlier than usual with permission from my instructor. Whenever I find myself in such situations, it would be a sign of respect and courtesy to inform the instructor of my early departure. This enables mutual understanding and respect for each other. At the appointed time of departure, it would be against classroom etiquette to be a source of distraction to others thereby disrupting the class. Leaving the class quietly and making sure I have written down whatever assignments I need to do before leaving will be more acceptable.
While working on this paper, I have come to understand that classroom etiquettes are of utmost importance to all students because they help ensure that everyone is treated with dignity and respect.

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