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Internal Memorandum from CEO to all employees
Due to the high tech company recent struggles the new CEO of Yahoo Inc is seeing a lot of unproductive workers who mostly work from home who could be the cause of the company’s and as many of you have experienced our pool of participants are decreasing. The biggest concern is how to make Yahoo Inc. the most used search engine and email provider. The ongoing concern has been how to deliver service effectively to all customers when they are using all the services provided by Yahoo Inc. Many of you have expressed that employee time is better managed when there is collaboration, face-to-face meetings and addressing issues as and when they occur. ...view middle of the document...

started, it was supposed to be one of the biggest search engine companies providing services such as entertainment, news, finance, email, stock news but Yahoo failed as time went on. The reason being Yahoo was visible and also had money to run the company but due to bad leadership and also workers taking advantage of the flexible work schedule led to the collapse of the technology firm.
The communication process was definitely broken. For Yahoo Inc. there could definitely be a potential problem with the communication “mix” which consists of the content, voice, tone, message, audience, medium, frequency, and consistency. Three potential problems were highlighted in the text book which are: Message overload since the CEO took office and immediately wanted to make changes to the organization it did not give the employees enough time to analyze the situation and also to adjust to the changes that were coming. Message distortion happened since the internal memo was leaked to the public before it even became official which did not give the leadership chance to explain where there was a need for all the remote workers to start working from the office. The last problem is Message ambiguity will...

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