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The human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is a kind of virus that is known as a retrovirus. When this virus comes into contact with tissues that are in the eyes, anal area, mouth, a break in the skin, or the vagina, it infects the human. During all stages of the disease, the virus is present throughout the body. HIV infection is normally considered a disease that progresses slowly.
The first, or primary stage of infection usually begins within weeks of acquiring the virus. Even though it normally resolves within weeks, it is similar to a mono- or flu-like disease. A long lasting stage without symptoms, known as asymptomatic ...view middle of the document...

Groups that have a lifestyle that can cause infection include street children, injecting drug users, sex workers and their clients and the migrant population.
If there is an effort by private and public sectors, including communities, individuals, and government at all levels, we will have a chance to lower the number of infections. Prevention and education are important as well as increasing efforts where there are high rates of HIV. It is also important “to expand efforts to prevent HIV infection using a combination of effective, evidence-based approaches” (Gomez, 2011).
The President decided to develop a National HIV/AIDS strategy with three main goals. The first is to lower the number of citizens who get infected, the second to ensure access to quality care and to increase positive health outcomes, and the third to attempt to lower HIV-related health disparities.
A Federal Implementation Plan “goes along with the strategy that defines steps that should be taken by federal agencies to support the high-level priorities outlined in the strategy” (Gomez, 2011). The plan will challenge the U.S. to meet all of the goals that are set. The job, however, does not rest only on the federal government. Success will “require the commitment of all parts of society, including State, tribal and local governments, businesses, faith communities, philanthropy, the scientific and medical communities, educational institutions, people living with...

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