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Communicable Diseases Essay

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Communicable Disease
HCS 457

Communicable Disease
Chickenpox is one of the many highly communicable diseases. This communicable disease is cause by a virus called varicella-zoster which has a resemblance with the herpes virus. It can be transmitted through close contact with the fluids from the blisters or through air wherein the virus is disseminated by coughing or sneezing. Chickenpox is regarded as highly communicable for individuals who are exposed to the disease for the first time has an 80% risk of acquiring the disease through close contact of an infected individual. As claimed by the Pub Med Health, “most children with chickenpox exhibit symptoms like fever, headache, ...view middle of the document...

Environmental factors such as type of season, school sessions, and overcrowding are some of the main causes of the virus’ dispersal.
Environmental Factors
Through research, it has been identified that the varicella-virus proliferates during autumn and declines during summer months. During summer months, the virus is known to have diminished as the school is close and the children seldom get in contact with one another - decreasing the transmission of the virus during these months. An infected child in a classroom is all it takes to cause an alarming 90% epidemic (Net Industries, 2011). The epidemic was caused by an overcrowded environment which made the transmission of the virus easy and quick. On the bright side of it, the body becomes immune to the illness as an individual is once infected by the virus. Presently, the incidence of chickenpox has dropped as vaccinations have become widely available.
Prior to the advent of chickenpox vaccine, infected individuals would often die or end up with a complication known as encephalitis which causes brain damage. The vaccine was made available to the public not to prevent or stop chickenpox from occurring but to foil severe symptoms and death from infected individuals. As claimed by CDC in 2011, “chickenpox vaccine is the most excellent means to avoid chickenpox. Vaccination does not only safeguards vaccinated individuals; it also reduces the unvaccinated individual’s risk of getting exposed.” The chickenpox vaccine has been known to keep 11 out of 12 vaccinated individuals. In the United States, children receive two varicella vaccinations as part of the routine childhood immunization – first dose is first given between ages 12 and 15 months and the second dose between ages 4 and 6 years” (Mayo Clinic, 2010, p. 2). The advent of chickenpox vaccine was to eradicate chickenpox to improve the health of individuals. As a vaccinated individual contracts the disease, it wouldn’t be lethal and may last just for a few days.
Community Programs
Varicella zoster vaccine was made part of the community immunization programs in order to eradicate the disease and preventing it to create an epidemic in communities. The goals of community immunizations program are lessening or eradicating chickenpox cases and managing epidemic episodes that may arouse in the community. At present, chickenpox hasn’t been eradicated in our society but has the occurrence has significantly diminished over the years allowing the community to live healthier lives. Education has been the key in community programs for individuals who have been once infected. Individuals whose exhibiting the signs and symptoms of chickenpox are advised to stay at home in order to avoid transmitting the disease to other people.
Public Health Department
In-charge of investigating infectious disease and managing community outbreaks is the public health department. Varicella-zoster is known to be a public health problem due to the fact...

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