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Communicable Disease Assaignment 1 Essay

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Communicable Disease Portfolio Part 1 DRAFT 1

My state is Illinois, it is a state in the mid-western part of Unites State. It is the 5th State in terms of population and the 25th in terms of size (National Population, 2014). The population is 12.88 Million. It is a health care hob in the Midwest region of United States in that it has some of the biggest hospital network system in the country with easy accessibility to quality care – the county healthcare system. In all it has one hundred and forty three hospitals with a staff strength of 31,052 (Wikipedia, 2015). In terms of healthcare expenditure, Illinois spends over eighty seven million yearly in hospital care, physician services, ...view middle of the document...

According to America’s health ranking 2014, Illinois ranks 30th in the nation when compared in overall health indexes that includes access to health care and preventative care, prevalence and incidence of disabling chronic diseases, diabetes, hypertension, obesity, and childhood access preventive care, recreational and exercise programs.
I live in cook county of Illinois. My county ranks 64th in a total of 102, when compared to other counties in Illinois in the indexes of length of life, quality of life, health behaviors, clinical care, social and economic factors and physical environment. Cook County is the center of most of the health activities in the state. It is also the seat of most of the top health care centers in the state. However it is also the commercial hob of the state leading to rapid decline in the environment and pollution in the state and its devastating consequences and poor health access and availability. Healthcare indexes like obesity, smoking, drugs, inactivity, and excessive drinking are all on the rise.
The major health care issues for adults in my county is the surge of chronic debilitating diseases like diabetes, hypertension, and obesity. In the case of children it mostly obesity and lack of access to healthcare. The neighboring counties are Lake County in the north, DuPage County in the south west and Will County in the south. Compared to surrounding counties cook county scores very poorly in...

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