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Communicable Disease Essay

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Epidemiology is the study of health-related trends in populations for the purposes of disease prevention health maintenance, and health protection (Lewis, 2011). In addition to that, it focuses on relationships among an agent a host, and an environment. Their interactions determine the development and cessation of communicable diseases, and they form a web of causality, which increases or decreases the risk of disease (Lewis, 2011).One of the communicable diseases that cause a great fear nowadays throughout the world is HIV. The layout of the paper focuses on the descriptions, demographics, health determinants and role of the community health nurse. Good intro

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Activity: Chronic fatigue, muscle weakness, difficulty walking, cough, shortness of breath.
Sleep-rest: Insomnia, night sweats, fatigue.
Cognitive-perceptual: Headaches, stiff neck, chest pain, and rectal pain.
Reproductive: Lesions on genitalia, pruritus or burning in vagina, penis or anus, rectal pain or bleeding. Citation goes down here, not after the word Symptoms
Mode of Transmission
The mode of transmission for HIV is when the infectious agent from infected host to susceptible host via direct contact. For example: Genitourinary tract, contact with blood or blood products etc)
The complications starts gradually and a slow progression of the disease will happen within a small time frame. There are different phases of the condition from acute infection to chronic infection. In the chronic infection stage there are three phases, early chronic infection, intermediate chronic infection, late chronic infection or AIDS (Lewis, Sharon, 2011).
Treatments mainly include the implication of drug therapy, HIV antibody test screening process. Treatments are mostly individualized according to the disease progression for example: by evaluating viral loads and lower CD4 T cell count (Lewis, Sharon, 2011)..

The demographics of this disease are widely spread amongst different race, gender and age. HIV is mostly affected in the African American population than any other race such as Asian, Hispanic, American Indians etc (CDC, 2015). The mortality in these groups is very high. Gender is also a big aspect in this disease, because transgender are one of the highest people affected with HIV, mainly because of sexual intercourse. Also, age is a immense factor, but at the same time, hard to pinpoint the...

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