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Communcation Essay

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Knowing one’s learning styles and personality type will have a major effect on the success of being able to succeed in school. There are different and they are unique just as everyone one of us. Groups allow us to attain potential that we wouldn’t be able to on our own, knowing how to communicate is especially important to avoid team conflicts. Being able to identify the two of these one can begin effectively to choose learning strategies and learning goals. In general terms, interpersonal communication can be classified as either one-way or two-way. One way communication occurs when the sender transmits information in the form of direction, without any expectation of discussion or ...view middle of the document...

Means of effective communication are necessary at work, school, home, or in any environment in which people interact with one another. Individuals may communicate verbally, through writing, through body language or in several other ways. Due to modern technology, we are able to communicate via email, phone, and text messages. Writing a book, article, or posting information on the Internet is a way of communicating with a large number of people. Art in its many different forms can be used to convey a message, such as through song, dance, or painting. Effective communication takes thought. Individuals have to go beyond knowing the information they want to convey, and take steps towards figuring out how they can present that information to others in a way they can best understand. Differences in spoken languages can be used to demonstrate this idea. If individuals do not speak the same language it is difficult for them to understand one another because they can't communicate through verbal or written methods. They have to find alternative routes to convey the information they wish to share. This may involve gestures, pointing objects out, or drawing pictures. They will use whatever means they have to try to clearly define what they are trying to communicate .Listening is a fundamental step in effective communication. If there is one person...

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