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Common Practices In Reigion Essay

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Common Practices in Religion
Definition of Religion
Religion is often defined as a group of people who get together and practice a set of beliefs. Religion is a common belief in one God. The origin of the word religion means to bind or connect, or review, and re-examine. The focus point of religion is that the majority of humans believe in a higher power. Such power is the fuel that moves humans to join or not join a religion. Overall, religion is a system of beliefs and values that provides its followers with transcendent beliefs. Religion is meant to be unbiased; however, this often depends on the follower’s extreme or complacent belief system (Molloy, 2010).
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Both of these religions believe that there is only one God worthy of worship. Both of these religions have followers that can be labeled as mellow to extreme. Zen Buddhism on the other hand believes that there are supernatural powers that help shape its follower’s insights and decision making abilities. Some Christian followers believe God created our world, while others who belief in Evolution, suggest that humans evolved from bacteria that evolved into living organisms (Molloy, 2010).
Indigenous Religions
The indigenous people were the original religious followers on earth. Indigenous peoples have always held a conscious concern for their personal survival whenever they were confronted with a number of life’s obstacles such as personal attacks, natural disasters or food deprivation seasons. Most of indigenous people believed on the awareness that one has a relationship with the great power. This great power they believed in was their God. They view this great power as the creator of all that is both real and unreal. Some well-known indigenous religions include the Temiar, Dogon, and Colville (Dentan, 1996; Dogon, 1992; Howell, 1997). Their animism approach to religions posits that there are spiritual forces in all objects and earth’s forces are seen as personal spirits of those souls that have left this earth. The majority of indigenous religious followers believe that you can establish spiritual connections between humans and worldly events (Molloy, 2010).
Critical Issues to the Academic Study of Religion
There are several critical issues to the academic study of religion. Some of these critical issues center on the fact that major world events and political movements require us to learn about various religious events. In order to understand events such as the attack of Sept. 11, 2001 attack, we must learn why Islam extremists felt a need to resort to terrorism to display their religious beliefs. Investigation into Islam extremists trained by Al Quaeda terrorism organization revealed that they were told that suicide bombers honor their families and that a group of beautiful virgins would be waiting for them in heaven...

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