Common Lab Tasks Essay

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Common Lab Tasks
In each lab, you will follow a series of step-by-step instructions designed to help you explore the environment and gather the information you need to successfully complete the deliverables. In each lab, you will perform identical steps, such as opening the virtual lab, logging in to another server, taking screen captures, and transferring files to your local computer. To avoid repeating steps in the lab itself, those common steps have been collected in this file. You may refer to this document at any time during your lab session. Though you may not be required to perform each of these steps in every lab, the Common Lab Steps are listed in the order that you are most likely ...view middle of the document...

This download package is also available from the Working with Virtual Labs link on the Course Dashboard. Without installing this package, you may find an issue in several courses using the Shift key to type mixed-case passwords. If you are unable to install the Citrix client, you can use the onscreen keyboard or Caps Lock key to type passwords. Close the keyboard when you are done using it.

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Common Lab Tasks

Figure 1 Onscreen keyboard

Create Lab Deliverable Files
You will create two deliverable files for each lab:
 

Lab Report file (including screen captures taken at specific steps in the lab) Lab Assessment file (including answers to questions posed at the end of each lab)

If assigned by your instructor, you also will create an additional deliverable file for the challenge questions:

Challenge Questions file (including answers to the challenge questions)

You also may be required to include files created by the software in the lab. You will need to use the File Transfer function to download these files to your local computer. Instructions for that function are included later in this document. For specific information on the contents of the deliverables, refer to the Deliverables section in each lab. Lab Report File As you work through each lab, you will be instructed to record specific information or take a screen captures to document the results you obtained by performing specific actions. The
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Common Lab Tasks
deliverables are designed to test your understanding of the information, and your successful completion of the steps and functions of the lab. All of these documentation tasks should be pasted into a single file (MS Word .doc, .docx, or other compatible format) and submitted for grading by your instructor. Lab Assessment File At the end of each lab, there are a set of questions which are to be answered and submitted for grading in the Lab Assessment file. (Your instructor may provide alternate instructions for this deliverable.) For some questions, you may need to refer to your Lab Report file to obtain information from the lab. For other questions, you may need to consult a textbook or other authoritative source to obtain more information. Challenge Questions File At the end of each lab, there are optional challenge questions which are provided to allow independent, unguided work, similar to what you will encounter in a real situation. Instructors also may choose to assign one or all of these questions as part of the lab, or as an online or inclass discussion activity. In any event, you should aim to improve your skills by getting the correct answer in as few steps as possible.

Make a Screen Capture Note:
As you proceed through the lab steps, you may be...

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