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Common Ground Between Islam And Christianity

1080 words - 5 pages

Common Ground between Islam and Christianity
September 2013
Hassibullah Roshan

Islam; Christianity; Muhammad; Jesus; Qur’an; Bible; religion; history; religious practice; religious education; commonalities; prophets; acceptance; social relations

The research paper underlines a number of key similarities between Christianity and Islam. It focuses on the concepts of shared principles, ethics, pro-social values, practices, beliefs and other essential factors that constitute the essence of these two religions. It also discusses the role of Jesus and Prophet Muhammad as the founders of Christianity and Islam, and religious notion of being appointed by God.

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Similarly, both religions teach a set of principles and morals deemed highly vital for the prosperity, success, happiness and safety of mankind. Those include, praying, giving alms, fasting, prohibiting adultery, forbidding robbery, not committing suicide and unjustifiable murder, avoiding disloyalty and dishonesty, showing mercy to the children, loving neighbors, helping the needy, holding onto patience and etc (Ferguson, 2011). Additionally, it has been found that Islam and Christianity regard Jesus as virtuous and innocent, and that he was born of the Virgin Mary, carried out miracles, and ascended to God (Bertaina, 2012). Interestingly, both religions predict and give prophecies of the second return of Jesus when he will lead the entire world and defend the true believers from the torment of Anti-Christ (Nasr, 2000).

Moreover, people practicing Islam observe Ramadan each year and fast for one month every day from sunrise to the sunset (Repohl, 1997). Correspondingly, Christians observe Ash Wednesday and Good Friday (Tarmney, 1977). On an annual basis, Muslims are obliged to contribute one 1/40 of everything they own (Benthall, 1997). In similar fashion, Christians give 10% of their annual income to the church based on the commandments in the Bible (Downs, 2011).

The findings implicate that there’s a thin line of difference between Islam and Christianity. They both root from the same origin which is God and are based on the foundations of peace, love, harmony, forgiveness, kindness, tolerance and acceptance. An important factor coming out from these findings is that the only significant fundamental disagreement between these two rapidly-growing global religions is the concept of God or in other words, the concept of Trinity (Shahzad, 2013). Other than this, their common ground and similarities are extensively broad. Using the results as a foundation, a sustainable and long-lasting inter-religious unity and relationship can be established between Muslims and Christians.

All results obtained indicate that the majority of principles, practices, ethics and pro-social values in Islam and Christianity are interchangeable. Both religions recognize the existence of Jesus and his second coming (Deedy, 1995). Both stand firm on the basis of love, friendship, honesty, purity,...

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