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How can you show your commitment to public interest?
It was year 2002 when I was elected as Sangguniang Kabataan Chairman in our barangay. As a youth leader, I have tons of functions and duties to perform - to enhance the social, political, economic cultural, intellectual, moral, spiritual and physical development of the youth in the country, just to name a few. There was self-sacrifice on my part, but since I am very willing to serve my community and help address the needs of our youth in our barangay I am eager to bypass my own needs. And this is just one of the many things on how to show commitment to public interest which for me is an aspiration to serve society based on values and responsibility. Being a public servant demands the commitment to public interest.  This is so because once you come into the government ...view middle of the document...

I will also ensure that the government’s fund, property and supplies are in good hands.  I want to be identified as such public servant in order to promote good image to public office.

How can you show your commitment to public Interest?

Few people misunderstand the meaning of serving the public, which simply means serving for the good and the welfare of the community. 

I had observed that some government employees doesn’t have any commitment to public interest, for the reason that they use government-owned vehicles to their personal appointments and such, or they brought home office supplies that must only be used for the office. 

And as a soon to be employee of any government agency, I must use office supplies efficiently and avoid wastage of it like recycling paper for paper for filing only, or use the bond paper only for the agency’s use; or use government vehicle and for official use only. This does not limit only to these but also as to the use of the machinesand equipment in the office, like the photocopier, use it only within the department’s usage and not for personal consumption; the computer, use it for serving the public without social networking sites and games; and the telephone calls should only be limited to business- and office-related calls, emergencies would be exemptions tocalls. Government funds should also be preserved and if possible, be budgeted efficiently, and will never be used in corruptions and other personal intentions. Even if you only borrow some funds for your personal consumption, it is an indirect corruption that might lead to more serious corruption. 

Showing my commitment to public interest is like showing how you love and how you respect your work. Many would say “If you want to change the ways of doings of others, you must start with yourself”, and understanding this norm, commitment to public interest, would be a very good start for the change for the better nation.

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