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Commincation In The Workplace Essay

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Fundamentals of Effective Communication in the Workplace
Madison Eckley
Into to Business
BUS 100
Carrie Jacobs
June 1, 2014

Procedures in the Physical Science
This beginning of this paper will cover three specific challenges to making direct measurements. One will be the Ptolemaic system, which states that the Earth was the center of the universe and was motionless. The next with be the Copernican system, which says that the Sun is the center of the universe. The last challenge will be the discussion on why the Earth is round.
In the Ptolemaic system, the Earth is at a stand still in the center as the rest of the universe spins in a circular fashion around it. “The fixed stars are embedded in a huge crystal sphere that makes a little more than a complete turn around the Earth each day.” (Krauskopf & Beiser, 2014, p. 8) All of the planets traveled in loops all within a ...view middle of the document...

” (Krauskopf & Beiser, 2014, p. 9) In this system there are eight listed planets with Pluto as a dwarf planet. This is the basic universe set-up that we know and use today.
A question many scientists face is why is the Earth round? Gravity forces the Earth into a sphere. However, it is not a perfect sphere because the Earth was spinning very fast. The inertia causes the center to spin out near the equator that causes the poles to be slightly flat. It isn’t a huge difference when compared to the Earth’s size.
A historical tool that helped in the advancement of science is an observatory. An astronomer named Tycho Brahe built the observatory. It gave an amazingly precise result that was able to see celestial angles. At this point in time the telescope was not invented, so this was the best tool they had.
The SI system was a group of units used for measurements. This system is used all over the world as everyday measurements of length, time, mass, energy, and power. The units came from the metric system that initially started in France. These units helped a scientist form and complete equations to get more precise answers for things in the world.
One hazard that would require protective equipment would be getting burned. For example, welders need to wear masks to protect their eyes from the sparks. They also need to wear gloves so that their hands are covered. This has been efficient in the past and is still currently being used for that and many more things now. There are many jobs in the world that require proper protective equipment (PPE). Another example of PPE would be a hard hat for construction workers. It might not completely protect you but it will lessen the blow to your head.
Advancements in physical science have greatly revolutionized everyone’s life. Science advancements can cover anything from how cars are produced to modern day medicine. We have so many things now that would never be around if it wasn’t for scientific advancements. Properly made vehicles provide safe things for people to travel in. Medicine today has made leaps and bounds in finding cures for diseases.

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