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Commercials And Their Affects On Teenagers

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Commercials are built around what we want our society to become. Television advertisers use viewer lack of self esteem to their advantage. One way they do this is by promoting their products using women who are all too often "perfect," and plots that contain so much sex they are unrealistic. Thus, society's perception becomes clouded, setting a standard of unreal women with unhealthy sexuality. The danger of advertising like this is that it is glorified to make this behavior and look the standard that our society judges women by. Worse yet, these commercials that set a standard contribute to unhealthy practices, such as eating disorders and sexual fixation.How often do we turn on the television and see a beautiful woman dancing through rose petals falling from the sky, who is wearing a size 3? 95% of ...view middle of the document...

One who suffers from anorexia believes that they are overweight, even when the body becomes grossly malnourished. Another common form of an eating disorder is bulimia. Bulimia is distinguished by massive food binges followed by self-induced vomiting or use of laxatives to avoid weight gain.Young women in their pre teens and teens take influences from their surroundings to create their identity. Surroundings that push Viagra pills during commercial breaks must have appalling affects on developing identity. In a culture where Miller Lite can only sell it's beer by airing a commercial with two women ripping each other's clothes off, teenage girls are lead to believe that the only way anyone would ever like them is if they had sex appeal. According to Seventeen magazine 85% of all teenagers by the age of nineteen have had sexual intercourse at least twice. Victoria secret ads asking the viewer "What is SEXY?" gives the impression that women have little more value than their desirability and eagerness to please.As citizens we all need to realize that the images we see on the television commercials are not the end all be all of society. Television often distorts reality and makes a mockery of our present society. Commercials only use the public's insecurity to sell and market, and use it to their advantage for monetary profits. Find alternative sources of information other than the television such as newspapers and National Public Radio and alternative media magazines. Find other forms of entertainment such as music that is appropriate for family eyes and ears. Realize that the television isn't harmful when it's not on.Television commercials can be destructive with dire consequences. Parents need to monitor what their teenagers watch, make sure they know they are loved, and be a good example with the way they conduct themselves. Do not let advertisers set the standard that society judges women by.

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