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Commentary On A Gift By Rahila Gupta

1129 words - 5 pages

The short story, 'A Gift' tells the tale of a loud and dominant woman who falls in love with another quiet but powerful woman, and the anger and hurt she feels when the woman does not return her feelings. The text tells us the story of how they met, how their relationship grew, and then at the end, how the woman tells the narrator that the feelings are not mutral.

The narrator starts the text in an angry tone, which makes us wonder what the other person has done to upset her. Words such as ''You ultimate egotist'' enhance this angry and hurt mood. The mood then suddenly changes at ''from the moment that you first entered that crowded room'', which is around the same place the tense ...view middle of the document...

Sentences such as ''holding their pole of the same banner and the same demo'' is perhaps the narrator’s way of proving how much the two had in common, and in her mind, a reason why they should be together. The texts also shows us how well the two got on, that they not only spent time together at work, but also spent free time together. Going for drinks after work and having dinner together seems like things people in a new relationship would do, and we get the feeling that the narrator’s feeling are more than colleuge friendly. The narrator then admits to being in love with her friend later on in the story.

There are only two characters in the story, the narrator and the woman she falls in love with. However, we do not know that both characters are female until near the end when the one woman says ''I am a one-woman woman''. The writer does not mention any names of the characters throughout the text, and perhaps it is to keep us in suspense until the end when it is reveled that the two characters are infact both woman, and shock the readers a little more?

When the narrator decides to admit her love for her friend, she is nervous, even though she is sure she already knows. This seems unusual of her character, as she seems to be the more dominant of the two. As she places the word 'cue' on the board, it is obviously a hint, which the other woman understands immediately. She then admits that she does not return the narrator’s feelings. ''This was the first time I had been first to make a declaration of love'' and ''I had never been attracted to a woman and never would be again'' helps us understand the hurt, which could come across as anger, the woman feels. She was obviously scared to admit her feelings, since this was all new to her. She was used to being a professional who was always in control, until this woman came along and changed that. When she finally was brave enough to admit her feelings, she got rejected and then...

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