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Comment On Making Stew Essay

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The Review of Making Stew

When I read the first sentence of “Making Stew” by J.B Priestley, his greatest cooking time surprised me, that is, “during the darker hours of the war”. This attitude of enjoying oneself in adversity is really impressive and admirable. In this prose, Priestley moves easily between humor and joy. Although his language is simple, the beautiful lines reveal the omnipresent wisdom of life. I really appreciate the jewel in the crown of the prose——“Here is the stew that has been seasoned with many onions, red wine and honey——and my delight.” Delight is to the colorful life what a seasoning to a delicious stew. Optimism unlocks the door to the ultimate happiness.
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2.“… tasting, muttering a spell or two…”
The course of making stew is wrapped in mystery when Priestley exerts magic over the bubbling stew to make it good——as folklore says witches and magicians do. Although it is fabricated, we still enjoy the interesting reverie of the master. It leads us to find out why the stew is so fascinating. At the end of the prose, the riddle is revealed——his delight is the spell which works best.

II.Syntactic structure

1. Simple Sentence
There are 9 simple sentences in all. Most of them share the sentence structure of S.V. P. to describe the deliciousness of the stew, some which account people’s actions of taking stew is in the structure of S.V.O. and one sentence is in the form of S.V.O.C.

|s. v. p. |s. v. o. |s. v. o .c |
|but I am always delighted to make |One of my children, without any prompting |How can they help it? |
|stew. |from me, once ate four large helpings of | |
|And it is usually good stew. |it. | |
|My stew is thick, nourishing, |All men and children gobble my stew | |
|wonderfully tasty. |gratefully. | |
|The stew is then ready. |but nevertheless they contrive in a rather| |
|The very smell is princely. |absent-minded manner to eat their share of| |
| |the noble dish. | |

2. Compound Sentence
There are 2 compound sentence used to show the logical relation of the context.
|The Conjunctive Relation |The Disjunctive Relation |
| | |
|You might travel from Truro to Inverness, even today, and |It has meat in it, but almost any kind of meat will do. |
|be offered nothing better than or as good as my stew. | |
|(the coordinator is “and ”) | |
| |(the coordinator is “but ”) |

3. Complex Sentence

There are 4 complex sentence.

| | | |
|Emphatic Pattern |Attributive Clause |Adverbial Clause of Time |
| ...

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