Command And Control Skills Using Command Task And Qualities

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Command and control skills using command task and qualities
P5, M3, D2

Command and control skills and qualities

A good commander should be able to show the team command and control skills and qualities through different tasks and activities.

Personal qualities

Qualities for command and control
• Knowledge of people- a good leader should know there them and the individuals in that team and how to bring the best out in people and what makes them happy and motivates them. A good leader needs to have knowledge of people because it means that they can have patience and understand that people can make mistakes when under pressure.
• Belief- a good leader stands by their ...view middle of the document...

However combat normally means when you are in an armed encounter, a good command should use all of their skills when dealing with this command task to make sure the safety of the people they are commanding. Even though strategies would have been planned before going into combat there are some situations that may occur that was not planned for. This is when the team need to have trust in the leader meaning that they will trust the leader to command and control them and the leader will trust the team to get his commands done as quickly and effectively as possible.


The public service all takes part in emergencies in some way or another for example the HM coast guard personnel regularly perform rescue operations out at sea along with the RAF and RNLI. The fire service rescue people from burning fires, people that are trapped in a vehicle after an incident. Train crashes along with the police. The whole of the public service join together to deal with an emergency incident. During the entire situation the services are very professional as they know what their role entails with command and control system.


This is a policy to stop hostilities or bad influence from spreading through the country for example to police force when dealing with a riot, the army forces are usually the ones to deal with riots because they deal with peace keeping capacity. This sort of operation can put pressure on commander because innocent people can be threatened by the situation and could be in danger as well as people become hostile to the public services. The commander need to be able to keep their eye on the task at hand but also must be able to exercise diplomacy, compassion and understanding.

Situation control

There are many different situations which could need control to be put in place either civilian or military situations. Such as if a prison would to have a riot and it needed to be taken control of that would be a civilian situation. However if there was a flood caused by a natural disaster then this could involve the military and the police alongside any other agencies that may be needed. This sort of incident is when command and control is needed to...

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