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Comm/156 Research Essay

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For 22 years, John Doe assumed the identity of a man whose wallet was stolen from his

car in 1989. This form of identity theft will change over time to evolve to possibly affect

any one who accesses the World Wide Web. Even though crime exists in the real world

equally as it is online, The Internet is solely responsible for most of the Identity theft


Crime exists in the real world equally as it is online. As much as we hate crime it is

something that we have to live with. It is a constant battle that we must fight against all

types of different criminal threats. Now with technology advancing so rapidly, crime has

found a new home. This new home is ...view middle of the document...

NBC news reported that Target said Thursday that the credit and debit

card information of as many as 40 million customers was compromised over three

weeks of the holiday shopping season — one of the largest breaches ever of American

consumer data. This sent the United State into a panic as we never experienced

anything like this before. It was a new fear that we were no longer safe to shop at very

reputable store.

The Internet is responsible for the majority of identity theft. Identity theft occurs when

someone wrongfully obtains another’s personal information without their knowledge to

commit theft or fraud. Terrorists and other criminal groups use this information and sell

them to people, looking to enter the United States Illegally or is a wanted criminal on the

run using someone else identity. The people behind these different types of attacks

hackers that do it for bragging rights all the way up to criminal rings and the black

market. The list of online scams and frauds are staggering and you would not believe

there are so many. From the 419 scam, Advance fee schemes, Letter of credit fraud,

and so on. You can see how easily some one can become a victim online.

People love social networks especially are children. Social networks is an online

community for people of all ages to share pictures and information pertaining to their

life. For your friend and family to see and stay...

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