Coming Home Essay

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Pierre, South Dakota

When the boy and his family came to settle in the small town of South Dakota, he felt the cold breeze of the fall season nip on his lobes. The town was practically the surroundings it faced. the boy was not comfortable with that aspect. The boy adored the safe secure feeling of a house, he did not accept the wilderness around him. When he steeped outside of the warm vehicle he felt the cool snow beneath his feet. The whole town had already knew of there presence, most came to great the family the boy was not ready for all the attention.

The boy paced himself to his house for he was not familiar with the foreign people. Every step brought pain to ...view middle of the document...

When Caden and the boy were conversing the boys family walked up to them. The boy thought that he would be in the biggest of trouble the world had ever seen instead, the boys parents gave him money and told him to have some fun.

When the boy came back to the house after a day with Caden his parents asked what he did. The boy replied that he saw the most beautiful thing in the world, the river. The boys family were expecting an answer that would upset them so they had a sigh of relief. Later that week when Caden and the boy were playing, Caden suggested going hunting. The boy knew nothing of that skill and wanted to stay far away from it. When Caden told him of all the wonders and the amusement it still was a frightening thought. When the boy went home he told his parents of the incident. The boys father was rather happy of the idea, that made the boy scared.

The father decided to go hunting rabbits in the near future he told the boy. The boy was scared of guns and scared of dead carcasses but most of all he was scared of killing. The boy told his dad that he does not gave a gun so it is impossible to go hunting. The boy was wrong his...

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