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Coming China Wars Review

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Colin Gurry


Professor Regan

Book Review

The Coming China Wars

The Coming China Wars I thought was an interesting read also at the same point there was points of the book that I wanted to throw it out the window. The book does highlight some difficult problems that are facing not just the US but the world as a whole. These being resources, energy shortages, degradation of the environment, widespread poverty and the looming risk of international conflict. These are all very real issues and Mr. Navarro blames much of the cause on China “The world’s factory floor”. I think that some of the book is good but a good majority of the book is very biased to what ...view middle of the document...

Also the points that Navarro brings up in Chapter 3 about the “Made In China” and the fish farms and informing US consumers of this environment that the fish are raised in being toxic fish, dude to the viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites that the fish are subjected to in these fish farms. The fish farmers dousing of the waters with a powder known as malachite green is a green dye that has been banned in China but Farmers continue to use it and other toxins to keep the fish from contracting these pathogens in the water but they are doing as much harm to the people that consume these goods than keeping their stock alive and making a profit off the fish. Also In chapter 4 I did like Navarro’s pointing out of the “Blood and nukes for Oil” and the trade between China and Iran and that China has been playing a role in helping Iran develop their nuclear powers. China I believe is looking out for themselves and just looking to keep their economy growing by any means necessary either it is killing children with toys and fish or helping a Unstable state such as Iran to develop nuclear power China cares about themselves and doesn’t care about the rest of the world or the environment just the success of the Chinese production and the economy.

Now for the parts that I was not very fond of in the book which was many of the views that Navarro holds and does not back up with facts or statistical evidence and is a claim that he makes for the Chinese Coming War. Navarro has some shining brilliance on some topics and others you worry for the sake of people that are reading this book and buying into his ideas that have no factual backing and good solid evidence to support these ideas of his. Chapter 6 Is when it hit the fan for me with comparing China and Britain in the opium wars and going on to claim that China was one of the biggest producers of opium production and that is simply not true it is now the middle east and the heroin they produce funds their battle efforts. Navarro has a very one sided opinion thru the book I like that early on some of the topics he touched but his opinion was way too drastic for me and left much to be desired. I felt that the author should have had some additional input into his work and to have a second view not just his bias China is bad and that they are coming to get us and everyone else. China is just seeking a bit of the pie that they have seen the US have for years and want to continue growth of the nation and economy.

The purpose of the Author writing this book is to warn that unless actions are...

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