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Comic Essay

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Learning English through video diary is the fascinating way to approach English vocabulary
Do people nowadays still improving English vocabulary by just reading? For me reading it was just an input. Learning should be interactive.
There are a lots of leisure activities surrounding us. People might think that watching an English movie is more effective rather than just reading books. But by just watching is not enough to improve English vocabulary. There is an ...view middle of the document...

In the process of filming, we are involves in the conversation. We can improve our listening skills and observes the gesture, tune of voice, action and etc.
(Why video is being a good tool in learning English)
Video as a listening tool
“Video as a listening tool can enhance the listening experience for our students. We very rarely hear a disembodied voice in real life but as teachers we constantly ask our students to work with recorded conversations of people they never see.”-- By Mark McKinnon
Video is a good tool in performing and adding weight to the situation while we have an argument conversation. We can learn and observes our gesture, action and tune of voice while we were in a conversation.
We might tried a lot of methods to improve English vocabulary, for more effectiveness way, we should try out by filming ourselves daily conversations and watch over and over to find out the mistake and error that we have makes . Then we know how to improve and where to improve.
We emphasized in the terms of using interactive learning process. So filming is the best way to improve our English vocabulary from the input and output. The meaning of input, what we have listen, and observe from the conversation. However the meaning of output, we joined the conversation and speaks what we had learned.

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