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Combating Crime Essay

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This essay will focus on juvenile crime and ways of preventing or combating career crime amongst young offenders by exploring Garda Youth Diversion Programmes and how they can be effective.A Youth/Community work practitioners role is to engage with those who are socially excluded and marginalised in society and they hold the responsibility of reversing these exclusionary processes to create opportunities for constructive social inclusion and positive change to take place. In order to combat or prevent crime there are many issues which must be taken into account. Amoung those committing crimes what form of social capital exists, what is their social class, their status in society, their ...view middle of the document...

Static social capital may be seen amongst early school leavers, those from disadvantaged backgrounds, those from a household where crime is quite common and the youths within that household feel their only option is to follow this cycle of offending. It may also be seen amongst those who need attention and feel marginalised from society.
Social class and status within society can also be a factor of juvenile crime. Young people from poorer backgrounds may feel they have less access to activities or any community involvement as they feel of a lower status than others within the community. As a result of this these young people rebel against those of a higher status and act out(i.e. commit crime).
Substance abuse is also another factor which is linked to juvenile crime but again this leads back to static social capital. With only strong bonds to a limited group and a restricted sense of belonging substance abuse can also then remain static and desistence from it can be difficult.

In order to move young offenders from static social capital and offending to the more positive dynamic social capital a Garda Youth Diversion Programme within communities is essential.
Garda Youth Diversion Programmes are local community based activities which work with children from the ages of 11 to 18 . These projects aim to help children move away from behaving in a way that may lead anti social behaviour or engaging in criminal activity. These projects can help young people develop their sense of community and their social skills through different activities. It offers opportunities for education, employment training,art, music, sport and many more activities which will enhance dynamic social capital. The project seeks to encourage a better quality of life for everyone in the community and supports good relations between the Gardai and the community....

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