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Com 200 Letter Of Advice Final Assignment

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Letter of Advice for Newly Engaged Couple
A Student
COM 200
Instructor Maui Maui
October 15, 2011

Letter of Advice for Newly Engaged Couple
October 15, 2011
Dear Frank and Lilly,
I am writing this letter with the intention to impart the information that I have learned from interpersonal communications in order to help you gain the same insights and skills that are necessary in order to achieve healthy communication skills with each other. There was a time when I thought that I had good communication skills and it was through practicing interpersonal communication skills that I learned that a healthy and long lasting relationship takes work because communicating is not just ...view middle of the document...

If you are placing that kind of importance upon your appearance and you are not happy with how you look, then you have nothing else to fall back on. "If you feel good about yourself for other reasons, like your abilities, accomplishments, relationships and personal characteristics, you'll have more of a cushion to maintain your level of satisfaction and happiness” (Kenny, C. September, 2011).
When one person in a relationship has a negative self concept of themselves this also affects their self worth and causes them to push away their loved ones away. I think it is important to note that a healthy concept of you is tied into your self- image as well as your self- worth. These are just a few of the elements that contribute to our mental health be it good or bad. Mental illness can be responsible for many negative aspects of our emotional health. If you feel that your mental health is suffering, please contact a professional for help. There are many ways to maintain a healthy self-concept. A few of these would be up lifters such as not beating yourselves up over mistakes, work them out and move forward, talk positively to yourselves and do not set impossible goals. Please remember, that beauty truly does come from the inside and works itself to the outside.
Listening Strategies
Another learning concept that can really help you to have a healthy and wonderful relationship is understanding and using different listening strategies. Listening skills are very important to a relationship. Interpersonal communication is more than just verbal; therefore you must learn how to be a skilled listener not only for the words but listen to what is not being said. It is important when listening to your partner to give them your full attention. There will be times when one of you wants to talk and other is occupied at the moment, when this happens it is important to communicate what is going on at the moment so that they understand why you are not giving your complete attention. Empathetic listening is must for good relationships. We must practice active listening. Listen to not only the words they are saying but listen to why they are saying them. Ask questions to make sure you understand what the other is saying. When we do not understand the motives for what is being said it is too easy to make assumptions on what the other person is thinking and wants. “When a person feels heard, truly listened to and understood, the feelings created are so close to those of feeling loved that most people can't describe the difference”(Neilson, R., 2010).
Power of Words
Words can be very powerful. Words help us to create mental pictures in our heads. When someone is talking to us, we are listening to their words and our brains are drawing pictures for us at the same time. Some words can create beautiful and loving pictures and some can create ugly and mean pictures. Words are powerful enough to affect our attitudes and behaviors. Because of...

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