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Com 150 Final Essay

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Dangers of Plastic Surgery

Axia College of University of Phoenix 
Anyone who has looked at themselves in the mirror can find something wrong with themselves. Whether it is weight, wrinkles, chest size, or even the amount of hair found. However, the question remains, is plastic surgery an option? Even though less than 1 out of 200 surgeries has had complications, plastic surgery can lead to pain, physical complications, and death.
Plastic surgery started in 800 B.C. in India and was later used in European medicine. According to ancient Indian Sanskrit, “The Hindu author Sushruta wrote about the reconstruction of earlobes and noses using skin from other parts of the face like the cheek ...view middle of the document...

1 million) growing since 2006, 17% (Cosmetic, 2007).
With every medical procedure, there are side effects. Although complications are slim, they can still occur during surgery. The anesthetics that cause the patient to lose consciousness during surgery, and can irritate the throat and lungs blocking the air ways (Dangers, 1997). If this is not caught in time, the lack of oxygen can cause damage to the brain and death if not treated. While under anesthetics, aspiration may occur. Aspiration is “when a patient vomits or has excessive mucous secretions during surgery” (Dangers, 1997). Inhaling these fluids can cause infections like pneumonia. If this is not treated, the patient may die from suffocation due to vomit. Another problem that may occur while under anesthetics is blood clots. The blood clot may become lose and block blood flow by entering into a vein. This could lead to a heart attack, stroke, and death (Dangers, 1997). The most common side effect is blood loss. Excessive blood loss can cause a drop in blood pressure which could lead to a possible heart attack. Following blood loss is malignant hyperthermia, this can occur when the patient’s blood pressure, body temperature, and heart rate increases. If this is not immediately treated, it may also lead to death (Dangers, 1997). Lastly, medical error can occur. In one case, 38 year-old Tracey Jordan took her doctor’s advice on getting her tummy tucked, liposuction, and a breast reduction to help her back pain in February 2007. The surgery went well; however, in recovery Tracey collapsed and died. The doctors explained the reason for her death was due to a mix-up in medication. Tracey was given bupivacaine instead of what the doctor subscribed, lidocaine, which “is 10 times more toxic than lidocaine,” (Kita, 2008).
Just because surgery is over does not mean the dangers are over. Some after surgery risks might lead to more surgical procedures. Scaring is the most frequent complaint with plastic surgery. For most surgeries, the surgeon tries to hide all incisions. For example while doing a facial procedure, the surgeon would hide the incision in the hair line and the crease of the breast for breast procedures (Hykra, 2005). Like with any open wound, there is always the chance of infection setting in. This may occurs with slow healing. When this happens, antibiotics are given to avoid serious illness. After surgery, some might encounter some changes in the texture, tightness, and smoothness of the skin (Dangers, 1997), showing on the skin: puckering, dimples, scars, divots, general irregularities. Another side effect of plastic surgery is gape or loose stitches. This side effect can cause pain, bleeding, or even a hernia. An additional side effect is swelling involving a clear fluid buildup under the skin; this swelling is called Seroma (Dangers, 1997). If the swelling does not go down, some patients may need a tube inserted into their skin to drain the fluids. Next, a tingling and...

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