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Columbine Essay

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What happens when soda is poured into a glass to quickly before it has time to settle? It spills over the edge and out of the glass, damaging anything in its path. This is what happens to the atmosphere when greenhouse gases are being pumped into it faster than it can be absorbed. Many people believe that global warming is a problem that can only be solved by big companies and the government. What happens when the government is handing out millions of dollars in tax breaks to big oil companies that are polluting our earth and no one is doing anything to stop them? People do not understand the amount of damage just a single person can do to the air around us. Global Warming is a growing ...view middle of the document...

“Most scientists felt that they were already doing their job by pursuing research and publishing it. Anything important would presumably be noticed by science journalists and policy-makers. For really important problems the scientists could convene a study group, perhaps under the National Academy of Sciences, and issue a report.” (Weart, 2003) The only problem with this method is the only people that would receive any information about the damage being done to the environment is people who were greatly interested in science. The public was done a great injustice when they were not informed of the changing environment and the irreversible damage they were doing to the earth. Now that people are being more forcefully informed of the effects of global warming, they can join in the effort to save the planet.
One positive way that a group of people is attempting to stop the damage of global warming is a process called capturing carbon. “CCS (Carbon capturing and storage) covers a broad set of methods which remove carbon dioxide from the waste streams of power plants and other industrial facilities, or directly from the atmosphere, and lock it away—underground or in plants and soils, or in minerals.” (Mills, 09/2010) Though this method is costly, it will be worth it in the end. Some reject the idea because they believe it give attention to fossil fuels which many are attempting to steer away from by using renewable power. The reality is, though there are many people attempting...

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