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Colorful Personality Essay

938 words - 4 pages

Brittyn Naylor
Mrs. Haring
English Composition I
November 3, 2010
True Colors
What is in a color? Is the appearance all that shows, or is there something more deep within the hues? Every color symbolizes something different in the world. Some colors stand for multiple things. Everyone has a personality, therefore everyone has
Red is a very warm color, standing for a variety of different things: anger, fire, warmth, and even impulsiveness. People with red personalities are strong and bold. They are outgoing, aggressive, and passionate about what it is that they do. To me, “red people” are often optimistic, and most of the time loud. Tending to have a lot of emotions inside, they are ...view middle of the document...

They tend to not want to answer to anyone, being their own person, and live a life full of freedom of thought and speech.
Falling between yellow and blue, green is a very neutral color. “Green people” tend to be very balanced, and tend to be harmonized with nature. They enjoy change and peace, and are gentle to their surroundings. These people are usually defined, clean people, who constantly fight for what they believe in. “Greens” are the opposite of selfish, always trying to help others. They have a very nonchalant way of life, and are full of curiosity.
Blue, similar to green, is a very soft, relaxing color. “Blue people” tend to be very quiet and shy. They are soothing, compassionate, and caring. Blue symbolizes patience and sensitivity. These people tend to keep to themselves, and are usually very faithful people. Blue is a calm and relaxing color, acting as ocean waves, and is very serene and beautiful.
Similarly, purple is a more bright and unique color. “Purple people” tend to be very courageous and funny. Tending to have a more artistic side, they know how to enjoy the small things in life. They have a great sense of sarcasm and humor, but at the same time can step up when a leader is needed. “Purple people” enjoy being leaders and holding authority positions. These people are truly original, and strive to do their best in everything they do. “Purples” have a very wide range of traits, but they are all truly unique.
While many people have colorful personalities, there are a handful of people who do not. “Gray people” tend to be very passive and do not have a tendency to voice their opinions, let alone have one. This is the color of hesitation....

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