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Colorado Geology Essay

4030 words - 17 pages

Brandon Rivera
Professor: V. Bull
Class: Geology
31 July 2011
Cave Bacon
High in the hills of the Rocky Mountains lays the small town of Aspen, CO with its unrivaled scenery in the summers and its world class skiing in the winters this small town attracts some of the world’s most powerful people. With its robust shopping, trendy restaurants, classy small-town architecture, and ability to make you feel like you grew up there, most come seeking peace and solace, while perhaps looking to explore more personal inhibitions during their visits. On July 23, 2011, ten geology students set out from the Colorado Mountain College campus in Glenwood Springs to explore the Roaring Fork Valley’s ...view middle of the document...

I arrived around 7:55am and the majority of the students were already there. I remember it being a rather perfect day, the morning was crisp and bright, and the temperature was around the mid 60’s. Crowded around a table our professor was handing out itineraries for the trip and making last minute preparations before we were to load into the van and begin our journey into the Roaring Fork Valley and Glenwood Canyon. After waiting for several minutes, there was one student who did not make it and we would later find out that he had a long week and just overslept. So around 8:15 am we loaded up and right from the start it was not very comfortable for me. I like to have my space and not only did I not have my space but I was sat next to a rather odd character who often wanted to argue with me about global warming, he was interesting in the “OK I’ve heard enough please stop talking kind of way”.
Post Independent: So what were the other students in your class like?
Brandon: It is hard to say really. We had a little of everything; there were quiet types like myself, outgoing types, cute petite types, overly smart types and just some normal ones peppered in there as well. I am not the most social individual in a class environment so you are asking the wrong person really.
Post Independent: What about your professor?
Brandon: Well she will be grading this so of course she was fabulous and fun!
Post Independent: Tell me about the first stop?
Brandon: The first stop was not really a stop; it was more of a ride. We made our way up Cattle Creek Road and observed some different rock formations. Peppered along the sides of the hills, we were able to see many dark colored basaltic and pyroclastic type rocks. They are fined grained volcanic rocks usually grey to black in color and often form with gas bubbles in them.
Post Independent: I did not know that.
Brandon: It is ok; I would not expect anyone to know that in most honestly. So after making our way up Cattle Creek Road we made our way through Red Canyon to Spring Valley Road where the plan was to observe a sink hole. I remember having Pandora playing in my headphones as our van lumbered over the pitted back roads, and I was just admiring the scenery and trying to ignore my neighbor who tended to lean against me in every turn. Colorado’s Roaring Fork Valley is an amazing place littered with rolling hills and jagged mountains. In every direction is something new and interesting. So as we road along, I could not help but notice how visible the separation in the layers of rock was. Both small and large alluvial fans run off virtually every hillside.
Post Independent: I’m sorry but what is an alluvial fan?
Brandon: An alluvial fan is area where silt, sand, gravel and sometimes rocks are deposited by stream channels, flood plains, glacial outwash terraces, rivers and their tributaries.
Post Independent: I see. So when did you arrive at the Spring Valley Campus?
Brandon: I would say around...

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