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Color Vs Black And White Study

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HUM/150 Team B
Week 3 Learning Team Assignment
Color-vs-Black and White Study
Spider-Man 2 and The Maltese Falcon


Our assignment this week was to compare the effects of color versus black-and-white in films. Learning Team B selected Spider-Man 2 as the color film, and The Maltese Falcon as the black-and-white film.

While referencing the influence of color and black-and-white imagery, we will examine the following topics:

How color or black-and-white…
• Contributed to the expression of each film
• Influenced the atmosphere of the films
• Affected characterization
• Provided transitional changes
• Helped mirror the director’s intent

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Atmosphere In the Maltese Falcon:
The setting was mostly indoor, typical for the actual time period the movie was made hotel rooms, PI office, and Sam Spade’s small efficiency apartment.
Outdoor light filtering in for neutral scenes, more harsh direct light and more use of shadowing for action and confrontational scenes.
Sounds were primarily occasional background noises, phones ringing, and sound effects of different actions from the characters
The special effects were primarily very good use of shadowing to create moods surrounding different scenes for a desired effect.
The music was intense to provide the necessary air of tension when something was about to happen or be revealed.
The characters were dishonest and suspicious of one another with constant reveals to cause further distrust. The overall effect and atmosphere created was “shady” which is the direction the audience was supposed to be lead.

Spider-Man 2
The city was very metropolitan, with occasions of very intense coloring to accomplish a comic book effect, especially for the superhero and villain.
Sounds were exaggerated to spike the action and tension taking place on screen. There were many uses of brightly colored explosions, chases, altercations with destruction of large structures; all had very good accompanying sound effects.
Special effects included extensive computer generated imagery (CGI) as part of the human characters, their actions and abilities, as well as the settings, scenery, and action series.
Music soundtrack was a combination of various artists’ songs and music that are compatible in content and tempo to the action taking place on screen. This was interspersed with orchestral arrangements that heightened the tension for the major action scenes giving it a sense of chaos, anxiety and urgency.
The characters personalities and personal agendas were revealed and adjusted with the events of the plot. The overall atmosphere created was one of mystery, adventure, action, and the struggle between good and evil.

Maltese Falcon
The film used shadowing provided by location, clothing, and external lighting to dictate the type of character. Sam Spade was often shown in a high-contrast light, with deep shadowing on his face while the female characters were presented in even light with no facial shadowing, implying an innocent and helpless character. The female characters were also dressed in lighter clothing while the men all were dressed in dark suits.

Spider-Man 2
Being a film based on a comic book character, color plays a vital role in characterization. The film utilized dull and muted tones when showing the office of the Daily Bugle, this gives us the impression of an unexciting and dreary work environment. The main character of the film, Spider-Man, dons his standard red, white, and blue costume; this supports the illusion of the great American hero. When Spider-Man’s nemesis, Doc Ock is in a scene, the colors...

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