Color Schemes Essay

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|[pic] |[pic]Capitals |
| | Algeria |
| | Egypt |
| | Iraq |
| | Yemen ...view middle of the document...

| |After World War I, Jordan came under the mandate of Great Britain. |
| |The currency used in Jordan is the Dinar. | |
| |
|[pic] |Lebanon is an Arab country Without any oil. |
| |[pic] |

|[pic] |Approximately 39% of the Lebanese population is Christian. |
| |[pic] |

|[pic] |Iran and Iraq have been enemies for generations |

|[pic] |Morocco gained its independence from France. |
| | |

|[pic] |Women are required to serve in the Syrian military. |

|[pic] |Oman is on the Arabian Peninsula east of Yemen. |

|[pic] |The US-led assault expelled the Iraqis from Kuwait, not the Saudis. |

|[pic] |France and Italy fought over Tunisia for years |

|[pic] |Algeria has a trade surplus and is building record foreign exchange reserves. |

|[pic] |While practically dominated by the National Democratic Party, Egypt recognizes the legality of several political |
| |parties. |

|[pic] |Civil wars in Sudan are rooted in economic, political, and social domination of the non-Arab, non-Muslim southern |
| |Sudanese by the northern Sudanese. |

|[pic] |There is no Sultan of Yemen |

|[pic] |The capital of Jordan is: Amman |

|[pic] |Syria was forced to withdraw from Lebanon in April 2005 due to Demonstrations against Syria after Rafiq al-Hariri's |
| |assassination ...

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