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Color Purple Essay

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The Color Purple
Walker, Alice- 1982
Alexis Moss

Alice Walker wrote The Color Purple (book titles in italics) to give her insight of men, women, love or the lack thereof, physical, mental, and verbal abuse. The men within this book were very powerful. It would be safe to say that the men were slave owners, and the women were the slaves. Celie was the main character of the book, and she endures every form of abuse from individuals in her life that should have been showing her love. Everyone abused her except her sister Nettie, whom she found herself trying to protect from their father. Celie’s mother abused and cursed her, even while being on her sick bed because her husband desired to ...view middle of the document...

Celie was a 14-year-old, African American girl who was raped by her father and eventually had two children by him. She believed the first child was killed, and the other child was sold. Walker portrayed Celie as the quintessential female in the Deep South in the early 1900s, quiet, and subservient to the men around her, to call attention to the blatant sexism that was common and to demand change. When Mr. _____ came into their lives he was interested in Nettie, but their father believed she was to smart and had a future. Celie was dumb and would not have a future so he did not mind if he married her. He wanted a young wife to have sex with and to take care of him and his children. He had no morals or respect for women and treated Celie like an object. He raped and beat her and his children boss her around like a slave. The relationships between fathers and their female children and husbands abusing wives were typical, but kept a secret. Walker never tells the reader the name of Celie’s husband, referring to him as “Mr.___” to make the male characters seem more general allowing the reader to focus on their actions toward the women of the novel exposing the exploit and...

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